Polynesian Penis

If the title above or the footer of this entry doesn’t give it away, clickthrough (NSFW) to see why Ari‘s grimacing..

By Taylor Jackson of Golden Lotus Tattoo, Oneonta, NY.

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39 thoughts on “Polynesian Penis

  1. As hot as the tattoo in question is.. i just really really love the Oogie Boogie Tat on his leg! haha

  2. That looks really good.

    #4 It’s really hard to get a good looking tattoo done on the penis/scrotum.
    This is one of the better ones I’ve seen.

    I can only really recall one penis tattoo that came anywhere near the quality of a regular tattoo.

  3. HAAHAHA! I’m just picturing him walking by a really HOT person giving him a boner right after he’s done the tatto and goes: AAAAAAOOOUUCH! xD

  4. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the penis, but this one didn’t threaten me when I opened the clickthrough.
    This will be the first, and probably last time, that anyone gets me to say “I like it” about a peen.

  5. I love this!!! and i will also say he has beautiful work done besides his weiner.

    but…all and all he has a nice one! hah

  6. Nice. I love the Oogie Boogie tattoo and the penis ink looks cool to. Poor son of bitch though…as much as it hurt I bet the itch afterwards was even worse.

  7. I remember my fear of morning wood the first few days after getting my Apadravya..
    Just imagine it with a tattoo all around the penis that you shouldn’t be stretching!

    Also, I wonder how many men who’ve gotten a penis tattoo have gotten carried away rubbing in the lotion and thereby ruining the ink? lol.

  8. haha, yeahhhh, the shaft really wasnt too bad though, i was only making that face for the head. that shit gave my ribs a run for their money. the constant wiping is the worst part, gets you sore pretty fast.

    i love that everyone is comment on my oogie boogie tattoo. i catch so much shit for that in the shop, but damn, what can i say? nightmare before christmas fucking rocks

  9. That turned out really nice!
    This guy is fortunate to find an artist to actually do it. I couldn’t count how many guys would come into the shops I’ve worked at wanting this done and non of the tattoo artist would do it.

  10. Everything about this picture rules. Adorable boys with gorgeous/ridiculous tattoos make me swoon :)

  11. Wow, you think they would use some type of barrier control on that stool…. I thought tattoo artists were supposed to be educated in cross contamination?!?! Unless the customer brought his own stool, I think they better break out the surface disinfectants, so the garbage man doesnt catch anything when he brings that stool to the dump.

    Other then that, its fucking awesome!

  12. haha, N. my ass was sweating so bad that the plastic wrap just wasnt working, but no worries – we matacide-ed the fucking shit out of it afterwards. i do all the cleaning anyways, so i figured a little extra wouldnt hurt. and

    sailormoon – no. it wasnt hard even when we put the stencil on. in fact, it was trying to crawl back inside me the entire time it was being tattooed

  13. Then doesn’t it look different hard..and doesn’t he have to push the skin around to tattoo it?

  14. yeah, i mean, its centered and all, its about as good as you can get it, we just stretched my dick as far as we could and put the stencil on. yeah, it was so uncomfortable, he mashed the fucking shit out of my dick, and it was such a slow going process because it was hard to grip, etc etc. it bled so much though, id imagine getting tattooed even semi-erect would be a nightmare because of all the bleeding

  15. Oh i never even considered the fact that it would bleed more erect. Haha thanks for answering my questions though, I was curious. Well I enjoyed your penis. =)

  16. As a Polynesian, I find this highly offensive. Our art represents our family lines and our culture. Seeing some guy getting his penis tatted with Polynesian inspired art is annoying.

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