The Blue Planet

It’s no secret that I’m a giant fan of David Attenborough, not that this almost complete tattoo on Marissa is in anyway inspired by his work, but that’s what sprang to mind! Well, that and Sub Culture.

By Brian Garber, Wizard’s One, Stowe, PA.

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30 thoughts on “The Blue Planet

  1. Love the blue of the “sea” in the background. I really do love the use of such strong colours without a black outline, just seems to grab my attention more.
    And it makes me smile how happy the puffa fish looks, hahaha.

  2. I was asked today if I could possibly imagine a personal god, just for me. I realise belatedly that I want it to be David Attenborough.

  3. Meh. Modblog seems to be reduced from new, interesting, mods with complete entries containing either editorial or info to random pictures of so-so tattoos. I can name 3 or 4 shops within my small city that could do this with slightly mre flow, more color saturation, and overall just better composition.NOT to put down the wearer or this. It’s very nice. It’s just that modblog used to seem to highlight either the exceptional, the very unique, or something that pushes the community forward.
    Sorry. Just an opinion.
    Ignore it if you’d like…

  4. DangerEric: Like eating shit right? Modblog has, since it first started, shown the good, the bad and all points in between. Where people get that it only showed the best of the best, I’m not quite sure *shrugs*

    The piece in my eyes is a bit more cartoony then I would have liked, but maybe, just maybe that’s what the individual wanted. At which point success!

    And in the end dude…its got a Manatee! How the heck you gonna be hating all over a Manatee? that’s just crazy talk ;)

  5. Ha, Warren, you know I love eatin it!
    It’s just that modblog has been seeming more and more run of the mill.
    If you noticed I rode the middle ground as far as not trying to seem too judgemental nor slamming someone else’s art that they will be wearing for the rest of their days.
    Am I just blind or are there other’s thinking the same?

  6. I love the blow fish! I think she needs a crab or a lobster to round it out, but it’s beautiful!

  7. Danger Eric, I agree with you. And I didn’t think you sounded too harsh or judgmental.

    Warren, I suggest you read Jordan recent entry. In which he says, and I quote, “That is to say, ModBlog is supposed to feature the best that BME has to offer.” Maybe that is where people are getting it from, huh?

    Anyway, this tattoo isn’t bad by any means. Its nice and I like it, but I don’t see why it is being featured. I want to see something incredible. Give me some wicked ass suspensions. Give me some amazing tattoo. give some beautiful piercings. Or at least some damn interesting pictures. I’ve been giving up on Modblog lately. I really like features, but those are rarely updated. I mean, the idea of a “news source” of sorts reporting on mods and things in the body modification world is awesome as hell. I really like the new site, and the idea behind it, it just wish it would live up to expectations. I wish the features and lead stories would be updated a bit more regularly. I mean, I know it will take a lot of work, but if bme news could actually act like a news site(albeit one about body mods) then it’d be incredible. Think about it.

    Maybe my head is too far in the clouds though.

  8. Roo, and anyone else at bme/modblog, please don’t take offence to my last post. I’m not trying to blame anyone. It’s not anyone’s fault. I just am expecting waaaaay too much. And I’m sorry for that.

  9. This tattoo makes me incredibly happy. This last summer I’ve actually gotten to interact with 2 of the animals (seal and octopus), so it reminds me of happy times!

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