24 thoughts on “Floral Shoulders

  1. WHY is there a hot girl, who I found out has nipple AND genital piercings, but no explicit clickthrough? BME News is going to lose it’s male viewers.

  2. I agree with #3 – it’s like modblog has just turned into a fashion show where the gorgeous girls get shown regardless of the quality or uniqueness of their mods. It kinda pisses me off.

    That being said, the tattoo is nice.

  3. #4… Get a fucking gripp, dude (guessing that you are a dude). Why should there be a picture of her naked just because she has genital piercings? Buy a GG or SC membership or download some porn instead.

    Love the pink, pretty!!! And to get to the actual point… Lovly tattoo, guessing thats why she is posted on here… :P

  4. It seems that a lot of people forget that Modblog has always been about interesting and unique mods along with high quality photography of well done mods. This particular picture runs in that vein as the colors of her hair and eyes complement the colors of the tattoo, as well as the vectors of her chin which lead to the color complement (blah blah blah you don’t care about design jargon). This picture is not about whether or not the girl is attractive or “sexy”, it is truly about the quality of a photograph featuring of mod.

    While I have seen a number of mediocre tattoos and photographs featured because of the attractiveness of the subject, this picture does not represent that issue. Pretty people get tattooed, ugly people get tattooed and they all take pictures of them. Saying that “ugly” people should be featured over “pretty” people is completely subjective and makes as much sense as racial quotas.

    The blog editors and contributors think out every post they make. If they feature something they have good reason.

  5. ’13 it has been brought up hear b4 that the standard better looking females get way way more prefacail treatment here

  6. #13, thank you for putting some sense back into this comment table, i agree with u, and her tattoo is very very pritty

  7. If someones got any kind of Mod, I want to see it, regardless of what people would define as being ‘pretty’ or ‘ugly’ fat, thin, black, white I don’t care, I just want to see the mods.

    If you don’t like whats on this site, don’t come on it! Simple as that. This is an example of a body mod, so the websites doing what it says on the tin. Quit with the politics!

  8. i for one don’t need to see any more ugly or fat people. keep up the good work.

  9. what gorgeous makeup, photography, and tattoos of course!

    as for you, Parachute, whoever said it was just high quality mods that are featured on BME? i have seen a lot of horrendous things. BME showcases ALL sides of body modification, not just the stuff that’s been “done right”

  10. I know someone with the exact same tattoo, on the other shoulder/side of the chest. Shame.

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