Getting Shit Dunn!

This fantastic five hour scarification piece is on Eric and by Wayde Dunn (more). It completes what they started at Scarwars3 last year in Philadelphia!

I’ll keep you posted on how it heals! Finally, Wayde also asked me to mention that from the 23rd of August 2008 until the 23rd of September he will be working from Laughing Buddha in Seattle, WA as a guest body piercer plus he will be taking appointments for scarification! You can contact him at [email protected].

From there – Himself, Chris Glunt, Ron Garza, John Durante and Dave Gillstrap (collectively known as the LTD Crew) are heading to South East Asia, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

110 thoughts on “Getting Shit Dunn!

  1. /jaw drop wow, i dont think i’ll be able to close my mouth for days. thats awesome!

  2. i saw this on the hipbone forum
    it is soo nice
    but i can’t help but think it looks nicer fresh most likely to when it heals
    as with a lot of scarifications
    i’d go for red ink myself haha

  3. I really like it but the intricacy of the line work freaks me out, I just don’t see it holding that symmetry as it heals.
    Hopefully it will and as long as everyone involved considered that when it was started than who cares, right?

  4. Gorgeous! And I hope we get pics when it’s healed.

    Damn, five hours of cutting is enough to make you a lil woozy…

  5. #23: That’s what I thought. I imagine it must feel similar to a kickball. I hope so anyway.

    This quality of scarification makes me excited to get my own.

  6. I hate to just parrot what everyone else has said. But damn! That is amazing, incredible, fantastic … The most beautiful scar work I have ever seen in my life – and holy hell, that’s got to be a bitch to heal. :)

    Please don’t forget the healed pictures!!

  7. wow it is intense, but i’m a bit worried, it is afterall similair to a burn wound, and thats a big area to do in one sitting, and it could get dangerous because of the body’s reaction to such a large skin removal at once

  8. Once again, beautiful. Wayde is incredibly talented and he is the only person I’d let carve me up with a scalpel. The cutting isn’t the bad part, the shower tomorrow will kill you.

  9. Holy shit. Beautiful. Man I can’t imagine how much that would hurt the next day though, I would think walking would be very painful, or just putting on pants!

  10. #33 (Rehan) – None of this piece was flesh removal.. none of it. The piece is doing fine so far.. its been almost a week without any problems. Eric has already been through a cutting of this size and complexity, so he knows exactly how to look after it. To everyone.. thank you for the positive comments.

  11. This is the first time I’ve gotten on ModBlog in a long time and was simply amazed by what I saw. This is incredibly gorgeous.
    Great work!

  12. I’m totally jumping on the bandwagon to call this as a beautiful piece of artwork, but that’s an awful lot of opened up flesh. I would be afraid that even with the most meticulous hygiene an infection would be a possibility due to the sheer surface area that is covered. I hope your healing is uneventful!

  13. With that large of a scarification piece, how do you go about clothing? It seems like anything you wear is going to get blood all over it. What kind of a bandage would be used or would one even be used? or is he just going to be walking around the house naked for quite a few days?

  14. also, what about movement, it seems as if every time he sat down or lifted his leg, the wounds might reopen, wouldn’t that cause the scars to be uneven? How do you prevent this with such a large piece?

    The largeness of this is really getting me. Its seriously amazing. I keep returning just to look at it. I love that it covers so much surface yet is still so intricate.

  15. I have a cutting, and after having gone through it myself, I can only imagine what the first shower he took after that must have felt like. Mine is not nearly that size or that detailed and I seriously CRIED when I washed it for the first time. It hurt that bad.

    but it looks incredible and will be super neat to touch once it’s all healed!

  16. Oh my GOD is all I have to say. I thought this was a tattoo when I saw it, and was impressed. I’m just awe-struck now. That is amazing.
    Hats off to the piercer and the client, for the precise work and the patience of a saint.

  17. I’m just amazed that was done in 5 hours. My project is not even close to as detailed or ambitious and I was being worked on for 4 and a half…..Absolutely incredible.

  18. WHOAHHH. This is one piece we definitely need to get a followup post on when it’s healed!! I echo the sentiments of those who are concerned a bit for healing that much at once, but man, I do with you good luck and a very normal, boring and mundane healing process!
    Ahhhh. It’s gorgeous. :)!!

  19. Erpp, that’s supposed to say *wish you good luck. That’s what I get for typing comments at 2:30 in the morning.

  20. Wayde your milkshakes bring EVERYONE to the yard!

    it looks great with the open wound but I totally want to see it when the scars begin to form.

    awesome to the max homie!

  21. I am almost weeping at how much that must hurt, but I have to say, it is the first scarification piece that has really grabbed my attention and the best application of the medium I have seen (aesthetically speaking, not technically, although that is obviously brililant too!)

  22. That is fantastically beautiful, and makes me wanna go all geometric! ..More somewhat unusual stuff like this on modblog please! :D

  23. First off many thanks to Wayde!
    Infinity of Philly.
    BME for getting this up
    and all the positive comments.

    Second, healing is going well; I am wearing yoga pants, scrubs and sweats. I feel like a douche.
    Other from that I am still running around, my car broke down yesterday in Brooklyn, so I had to push it to the curb, push it to the back of the flat bed and start diagnosing what the problem is at home…

  24. That is really beautiful. I couldn’t imagine accidentally rolling onto my side after getting that work done.

  25. go in bed and leave your car in rest. :)))
    nice to hear your healing is going well…

    very very very nice piece (and very Large)!!!

  26. Thats GORGEOUS!
    I can’t wait to see what it looks like when its healed.

    Also, hurrah for actually modblog worthy entries..

  27. Chrometiki – Just so you know I’ve edited your IAM link from /?(home) to /?chrometiki – It was confusing people when they clicked on it because it was taking them to their IAM page :)

  28. to #36 ok cool i was just wondering for everyone that might be looking at this and think that it can be done on the go, just to kind of confirm that it is something that has to be treated with respect and that skill required be available

  29. That is beautiful, but I am wondering what is on his hip in the fourth pic. Is that a shadow or was it damaged in healing?

  30. Wayde, a tip of my hat to you good sir :)

    Phenomenal work as always, and a tip of the hat to Eric for sitting through that!

  31. wayde! that is fucking beautiful! well done!
    you should be very very proud, amazing!

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