38 thoughts on “A Right Earful

  1. Warren – not that it matters but I’m not a fan of opal OR shell! I’m an amber type-o-gal ;]

    Stunning photograph though. Is that still 1 5/8″?

  2. haha fuck
    i spaced out when i first saw this and thought that shell was actually an ocean he was standing in front of, then i remembered that people generally don’t have gaping holes in their neck.
    jealous of those lobes

  3. I loooveeeee that.
    his lobes look mighty healthy tooo ^_^
    all red and filled with oxygen ; ]
    thats how all lobes should look

  4. I’ve never heard of a pāua being called anything else.

    I think I might start calling them Abalone shells now just to annoy people.

  5. uhm idk wierd wtf

    why would the part of the lob thats supobed to be thinner be thicker?

    i drannk alot of rum

  6. I totally thought those were mirror plugs reflecting the clouds, but I was distracted….look at those giant flats…with nothing in them.

  7. Woah those are beautiful, as is everything else on that site. I might have to buy some.

  8. At first, I thought this was a reflection of the sky, I was so stunned. That’s a beautiful piece of jewelry

  9. 10 – I also didn’t read the title first, and I thought that it was somehow reflecting the sky and that it was a big strata cloud.

  10. thanks! i really like these. my lobes are 1 5/8″(42mm-ish)!! #19, my flats are definatley on my check list:) o, and some of the reason my lobe looks a little thicker in that one spot was from when i had the cut. i am definatley staying at this size tho. got alot of $$$ invested already:)

  11. I also thought they were mirror plugs reflecting the clouds or the sea… they are so damn gorgeous. I’m completely in love with them.

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