25 thoughts on “Up Periscope.

  1. Damn… every one I know has been on the modblog exept me :(
    I’ll try to send in some cool pics so I get on here too.

    I can’t really tell from the picture ’cause it’s so dark, but it’s possible she’s wearing some of my hand crafted plugs….

    Grattis Currix!

  2. I don’t think there’s ever really been a day and she that girls don’t fuss with their eyebrows. Not since the discovery of makeup at least.

    Either way she is simply stunning, eyebrows and all!

  3. b. Trust me, if I let my eyebrows grow out, THAT would be ruining it all ;)
    Pmoz made the plugs on the first pic! And thanks, you guys are too kind. I started crying when I saw I was on modblog. Kisses!

  4. Eh..


    Okay, so she’s beautiful and I’m just *severly* jealous of her huge septum and adorable face. ^_~ lol. She’s got such a cute nose.. though, I’m not a big fan of stretched nostril piercings. Anyway, She and her piercings are all sorts of lovely! :)

  5. What a pretty girl, not every girl can have a shaved head and still look pretty. What a shame about her eyebrows.

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