42 thoughts on “Too fart, or not too fart, that is the question!

  1. i love it.. so cool

    on another note it did take me a couple of minutes saying the title before i understood it.. Dumb day today…

  2. Someone wanna explain how this is done to me?

    Honestly only ever seen it once or twice. Also how long do they last?

  3. i want an actual precious stone implant. ive got a natural sort of divot in two of my front teeth, and theyre begging to be bejeweled. soon!

    these little anchors are cute. it reminds me though of Delta Gamma (sorry guys, i go to the univ. of oklahoma… with the highest per-capita population of members of social sororities and fraternities in the nation. im not affiliated myself, but i see it every damned day. its hard to get it out of my head.)

  4. Patrik:

    If I’m correct then you often go to a dentist to do theese kinds if things, and the dentist will then glue it on your teeth and how long it will last often varies, but I’ve had friends that have had them för over 5 years straight. So it’s deffinatly not something you just get and then it comes of after a month or two

  5. wow, I haven’t seen these for a while, looks really interesting and keeps contrast with other mods in modblog :}

  6. ha ha ha i have a slow connection (didn’t see the image)so when i read the caption i immediately imagined someone getting stink lines with a cloud of smoke tattooed on their ass cheek. that would go well with my pocket tattoo don’t you think?

    i wonder if she’ll sail my way and weigh her anchor. sorry couldn’t resist.

  7. glue. like dentist grade teeth cement stuff. piercer near me does it. quick as too
    gold ones last a couple of months, can get silver and bronze and gem ones but they come off quicker

  8. My cousin is a dentist and does these all the time. Its just dental glue and there are a whole range of little gems and metallic symbols you can chose from – silver and gold. How long they last depends on the individual – their dental care routine and mouth chemistry.

  9. 12: I didn’t understand the title either until I read your comment.
    HAHA thanks :)

    it’s like MadGab!

    Love the jewelery… I’d get a book or something! :)

  10. It took me ages to get how the title connected with the photo, now that I’ve got it, i’m feeling totally brilliant.

  11. my piercer in MA started doing these recently (Penelope at Lucky’s in Northampton, if anyone wants one). she said they stay on pretty well and if you want them taken off a dentist can take them off during a regular cleaning. she has a little gem on one tooth–or did last time i was in there! i’d consider getting one if there was a symbol like this that i liked, but the gems seemed silly to me.

  12. I absolutely adore this and love the concept, but is it just me, or does the lighting in the photo make it look rather… faked, or photoshopped?

  13. Took me waaaaaay to long to get the title, I’m far too dense tonight! That’s the first piece of tooth art I’ve seen that doesn’t look trashy – very nice

  14. ive had one, you can get them at some tanning salons for $30
    they use dental glue, mine lasted about 6 months, they’re called smile gems, really popular in my town :)
    i love them

  15. These look cool, and I’d like to have one, but I’d be afraid to eat with it. Also, how hard is it to properly brush your teeth? I’d be afraid of knocking it off with the toothbrush.

  16. i had this done when i went to the ABA hair show in 2001.. i don’t remember how long mine lasted for though..

  17. My old boss has 3 gems in his teeth like this. The gems, especially on him, make him look like the biggest douche bag in the world (although to be honest, he is the biggest douche bag in the world). I do think they look fantastic sometimes though! especially this girls anchor. A little lightening bolt or something would be cool haha, anyway. My old boss’s gems are still on today, and he got them done at least 2 years ago I’d say. Not entirely sure if he has had them re-glued since, all I know is it was done at the dentist =].

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