24 thoughts on “Above the waist.

  1. Looks amazing! although i assume it would get pretty easily caught on clothing and the like.

    Love the pants also ;-P


    The piercings are a nice idea, as well. I’m assuming that’s a scar?

  3. Can’t be an appendix scar. What doctor would cut out the appendix from that far up?
    Usually, the cut is smaller and further down, closer to the genitalia, on the right leg.

  4. Looks really good, I’m just wondering what the future holds for their permanence.

  5. My appendix scar is that far up – loving the idea of turning it into something pretty rather than just an ugly mark

  6. Whoop Whoop well well i didnt notice this was on here

    well may i say that there was never any idea that this was to be a permanant thing

    it was solely for fun i gave her a massive discount and she took them out after a couple of weeks

    theres no way anything like this would survive much longer than that

    this was done in the days waaaaaay before micro-dermals :)

    thanks for the nice comments everyone

  7. That’s a big scar, and a very flat stomach. Tummy tuck? I don’t know how far to the other side it goes. Nice way to decorate it, but there’s nothing wrong with scars!

  8. oh i forgot to add that the lady wearing this piece was in her 30′s and this was done about 4yrs ago and sent me the photo a few days after.

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