The Mutual Tattooed Penis Admiration Society (MTPAS)

Sailor Sid goes to NYC, 1974.

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Originally shot on 8mm film stock and converted to VHS in the early 1980s, this tape like others from the Sailor Sid archive has no sound. I can place names to a few faces but the one that stands out the most is infamous NYC artist Spider Webb. More from this series will be transcoded shortly!

Until then..

Shawn Porter –

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29 thoughts on “The Mutual Tattooed Penis Admiration Society (MTPAS)

  1. more absolutely amazing historical footage Shawn…As always so very grateful to you and everything you bring “to the table”

  2. this almost brought me to tears.
    honestly, with that music it was just so moving for some reason.
    incredibly beautiful. I’m in awe.
    as a side note, the guy with the mad sideburns and the full body suit was a total babe.

  3. I love this sooo infinitely much more than random surface piercings, ear projects, and pierced girls making weird faces.

    I feel like I could have hung out with these guys :)

  4. shawn,
    thanks for sharing that.. it was really really good.. such a pity 8mm footage is so dodgy..

    but very excited to see Cliff Raven..Who and what is he tattooing do you know? Or approximately when even?

  5. the footage I grabbed last night was a continuation of Sid’s NYC 1974 visit.
    It features Cliff tattooing an Icarus backpiece.
    And Etoile- you’re welcome.

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  7. Shawn thanks for keeping it coming, your contributions are unique and of immeasurable historic value to this community.. sometimes I wonder if the promise of more SPC snippets is the only reason I read modblog. Given that this clip was taken at what I presume to be around the time of your birth, do you mostly recognize the faces from other archival material or was this group largely still active 15 or so years later?

    So are you saying the cliff raven footage is digitized and ready to go?? :D

    Oh and unless it’s a cross dresser with err…curious motivations, I’m pretty sure there’s at least ONE woman at 3:05 :)

  8. First of all this was amazing. As many have posted already, the music was gorgeous.

    And I agree with #10, the guy with the full body suit was hot shit. If only I had been born 30 years earlier!

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  10. Redeye:
    I recognize the group from bits and pieces Jack told me about the guys- obviously Spider, Sid, Cliff- those guys are recognizable to most folks- but guys like Emil G. and some of the other fellas I only know because of Jack.

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