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[AVClub.com] Hey, a guide on getting a tattoo from The Onion A.V. Club! That should be pretty good, right?

“Outside of having kids, getting a tattoo is one of the worst mistakes a person can make, yet somehow (much like having kids), millions of people do it every year.”

Sigh. Aviva Yael, co-author of No Regrets: The Best, Worst, & Most #$%*ing Ridiculous Tattoos Ever stops by to offer her own insights as well, for what it’s worth.

[Oneindia.in] Tattoos and piercings are on the rise in Saudi Arabia, which is sitting poorly with religious scholars who insist that “Prophet Muhammad clearly stated that tattoos are forbidden as they are an attempt to change Allah’s creation.” The article also indicates that the studios are unhygienic (if not downright filthy), though it could certainly be the case that this is just a people coming to terms with a burgeoning cultural phenomenon.

[CBS13.com] Say, do you live in Moore, Oklahoma? Fancy yourself a Barack Obama supporter? Like free tattoos? Well, Phillip Calfy at 405 Ink is offering free Obama portraits for anyone who wants one. Calfy’s tapped out as far as spare money to donate to the Obama campaign goes, but he sees this as a good second option. “I’m a tattoo artist,” he says, “and a lot of people that are into the tattoo thing like free tattoos.” Indeed.

This isn’t Calfy’s first time in the news, either: He and his brother, Steven, were arrested in 2005 for tattooing in violation of the state’s ban of the practice. Things seem to have turned out well.

3 thoughts on “Full Coverage: Links From All Over

  1. Adding to the part in Saudi Arabia, I grew up in The U.A.E… the situation is almost identical when it comes to tattoos and piercing. Needless to say, I have lot’s of friends with HORRIBLE quality tattoos, and the one I got in those conditions back in the day, still raises up evey once in a while even though I’ve had it for many years and it has been covered up as well. I’m just glad I didn’t contract anything from the filthy needles…

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