45 thoughts on “Legs Akimbo

  1. yay, another corset piercing.

    /end sarcasm

    i guess the piercing makes for interesting photos… the first few time you see the temporary piercing

    nice legs though

  2. akimbo

    1. (used of arms and legs) bent outward with the joint away from the body; “a tailor sitting with legs akimbo”; “stood with arms akimbo”

  3. So… either she was standing while getting the leg corset done, in which case, oww for the shoes.

    Or she was laying down and had to stand up in those shoes, in which case, oww for fear of tearing the piercings out.

  4. This is so beautiful! I’m nervous looking at it though, fearing she’ll topple over and tear all the rings out! AHHH!

  5. i think the title may be sarcastic… since akimbo is exactly what her legs are incapable of being right now.

  6. scenester gates – Exactly, haha! Except I don’t think I’d have survived the onslaught of rolling eyes if I’d had gone with that.

  7. hi there everyone, i’m the [very proud] piercer behind this. it was a lot of fun to do, and while leg corsets are nothing new, it was fun to combine that with the ballet boots and see what we could come up with!

    the piercings were done, before helping the model (Emma) into her shoes, she then steadied herself on a rail while we laced her up. i’ll have a look about and see if i have one of her stood up all by herself (not holding onto anything).

    thankyou for all the comments! :)

  8. Kim’. Yey! You got on modblog. :D

    And think about it peeps, do the piercings, put the shoes on, stand up and balance against a wall whilst the ribbon is threaded and then the pics are taken there cos you can’t really walk in the shoes, usually you see them in photoshoots in a studio where the model is lying down lol.

  9. YAY!!!!

    Kim, I’m really proud of this!! It shows how talented you are, and what an eye for detail you have =]

    The legs and the shoes are sex!!

    Love xxx

  10. Kim = Seamstress of the Flesh!! And from ALL the comments on these fab pics you lot are inclined to agree!! These are beautiful pics of some amazin work done by an amazin person!! Kim is THE UBER!! N i know her….cool by association!! YEAH!! Great work Kim!! I cant w8 till our next corseting escapade!! Oh and for all the people wonderin what ‘akimbo’ means…does it really matter?! Just apreciate the art – after all wats in a name?!

  11. Actually, “akimbo” means having your hands on your hips with your elbows turned outwards (like when you’re mad at someone)… I’m not even sure you can have legs akimbo, and these wouldn’t fit the description anyway. I think it’s important to use words properly. Pigeon-toed might be a better description for this? At any rate, it is really neat, and nicely photographed.

  12. Okay so I was looking into it a little more (yes, I’m a word nerd) and you can have legs akimbo, but it generally refers to either limbs that are flung out haphazardly or bent. Still doesn’t apply. meh.

  13. ok so for all of you that have been paying more attetion to the name than the piercing it call “akimbo” because the lass who do in is called kim so stop going on about and look at the damn piercing cos its AWSOME!!!!!

  14. Awww if only all girls came like this…

    …it would make it impossible for them to runaway from the basement =; ]

    Excellent as always sweetie.


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