Nostril Restructuring Update

You probably remember this post from a few weeks ago. As promised, Emilio has sent in photos from about 10 days ago. I’m not sure how long after the procedure they’re from but we’ll keep you updated as the photos come in.

Click through for larger views.

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62 thoughts on “Nostril Restructuring Update

  1. (The click-trough pictures are 404 errors)

    It seems to heal quite well ! That’s one very interesting modification, I’ll sure enjoy future updates !

  2. it certainly looks better, and much less scary than I had imagined, without all the stitches. It looks like its healing really well, like it was supposed to be like that.

  3. It’s wonderful to see these incremental progress updates but the real results won’t truly be apparent for some time now – as the tissue heals, settles, and he lives with it for a little while. Does seem to be doing great so far and I still love the effect.

  4. Hopefully it’s just the angle or how it’s healing but it looks a bit crooked to me.
    Looks to be healing well though.

  5. I agree with FB that it looks crooked. But lets hope that isn’t the case and that the completly healed end result looks good.

  6. LOL @ #13
    I didn’t think it was going to turn out very well when I first saw this, but it seems to be healing very well, and I like it more than I thought I would.

  7. I adore this. Its so amazing. His eyes look very red, I wonder if he was stoned, or crying, or his contact lenses were itchy.

  8. FB, I agree… I hope it’s just teh swelling and healing… either way I hope everything turns out as he wanted it to. Looking forward to the updates!:)

  9. #14… I think his nose is crooked but from the looks of things it’s a result of a break from before the procedure.

  10. He doesn’t look especially evil to me; in fact, he looked more so before the nose job IMO.
    But he does look worryingly unwell & unhappy.

  11. Like others said, it looks a bit crooked. Hopefully its just swelled and stuff.

    Looks fantastic so far.

  12. I quite like the way it looks, but it does seem to be crooked. Not as a result of the centre line being skewed horizontally, but if you compare the top-right and bottom-left pictures, the shape of the two nostrils looks different; one has a more pronounced point at the top, where the other one is noticeably more rounded. Also, his right nostril seems to extend further upwards than the left one, as in the bottom-right picture. Hopefully it’s just a result of the swelling.

  13. It’s ugly as sin. I hope he either has an understanding employer or likes standing in dole queues. He’s gonna look even more ridiculous when he’s 70.

  14. it’s looking pretty sweet, although it seems like the left side has pulled up a bit leaving it not quite as flat as the right side. he does look pretty unhappy… hope he’s okay!

  15. I know a brazilian lady who had a very similar looking nose, the tip is pushed down and nostrils are higher up on the sides. I think once it’s healed it may look more ethnic than odd. Not my cup of tea but whatever floats your boat.

  16. I remember seeing said individual looking more healed with his hair all over the place looking very “evil”

    all I could say was: “Badass” lol

  17. in response to the comments about it being crooked:

    If you look at the before pictures, his left nostril was bigger in the first place which makes it seem like his nose drifted to that side to begin with (as well know, no one is symmetrical!). It lines up with his upper lip and I think once the “outline” of the cuts have healed and aren’t as prominent it will look very “natural.”

    That being said, I love how this looks. I agree with #7, it looks very primal.

  18. Nose kind of looks more romanesque or aquiline rather than “evil”. Interesting to see how different it looks when it’s finished/healed. Hopefully it won’t just look like he’s got an unmodded crap nose!

  19. i feel like his nose looks like a cat, it’s not scary at all, i think most people are going to look at him and think he was born deformed. which will def. get him more attention, which is clearly what he craves, but i think evil isn’t defined by looks so much as energy and over all impressions. i feel like this particular mod will not live up it’s expectations.

  20. i think it’s shaping up to look really good.
    it’s all most natural looking just with all of his other mods. i really fucking love this.

  21. I agree with Molly, I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach when I see this too. I’m not judging the guy, it’s his body so I support his choice to do whatever he wants with it. But personally, makes me wanna hurl. I do wonder though: what is he on to make his eyes so consistently red? If I was the the dude cutting into his face I’d be wondering about it because in this and the earlier photos he does not look sober.

  22. bright red eyes and not looking at the camera in any of these or the fresh shots.. can someone say drug addict?

  23. Kaitlin N: You have to be kidding me. You don’t know the circumstances of the photos. Just because someone doesn’t look into the camera doesn’t make them a drug addict. Neither do blood shot eyes. Half of my friends with darker complexions have red/yellow tones to the whites of their eyes. This is 10 days out from a major surgery, accusing him of being a drug addict because he doesn’t look all gussied up for a photo is childish.

  24. That’s not too bad. Like I said last time, it suits him. But are we sure his eyes should be that bad? Even with a darker complexion, that’s *very* bloodshot. I hope everything goes well for him.

  25. #49 – If you view all of his previously taken photos, before surgery, you will notice his eyes are shockingly red. It doesn’t seem natural, so therefore its quite natural that others expect he’s on drugs. I know I do.

  26. maybe they’re all red and looking away becuase that’s his evil “shifty eye look”
    just incase the nose doesn’t do it for you

  27. Lots of bias potentially revealed in the drug comments. Just an FYI, lots of things can make your eyes red like that – mine look like that or worse if I wear my contacts too long. Allergies, pollution, unrelated illness to mods such as cold & flu, etc, etc can all do this but you guys immediately scream drugs. Gee, I wonder what it is about you that has you so pre-occupied with drugs…

    As to crookedness – that is part of what I was alluding to in my earlier comments about how the results won’t really be apparent for some time. It will be awhile before the new forces and pressures balance out and everything settles given the surface changes this procedure has made to his face.

  28. The swelling with nose procedures usually takes 6 months to go away completely as well. Hasn’t anyone watched extreme makeover? :)

  29. I don’t think drug addict is fair at all, these look fresh and his face has just been under a shit load of stress from the procedure.
    I love it!!!!

    P.S. Kaitlin this isn’t a personal attack. just my opinion.

  30. Kaitlin, is there anyway to shut you up without putting a modlebrity in your mouth? Seriously, I thought we were rid of you when you deleted your page.

  31. I have had surgery (medical) and woken up with bloodshot eyes, that stayed that way for a long time probably due to a combination of after effects of the drugs used during, the pain and the painkillers afterwards.

    The profile shots look wicked. I hope he retains that really dramatic curve around the edge of his nasal passage. Not something I would do, but I certainly appreciate how incredible it is nonetheless.

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  33. This is the most hideous, disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Does he not realize how ridiculous he looks? Does he want to be alone for the rest of his life? I can’t imagine ANY woman wanting to kiss a face like that. And those horns? *laughable*

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