Feel More.

It’s not been long since Shawn graced the pages of ModBlog, but I didn’t think you’d mind another dose of his handiwork (More from Fillmore Tattoo & Piercing).

This large surface piercing project is looking awesome!

See more in Surface Bar Piercing (Surface & Unusual Piercing)

28 thoughts on “Feel More.

  1. i hope that heals up as nicely as it looks now..this is the type of project where if you lose one, you lose the whole thing.

  2. I’m not sure if it’s the color saturation in the picture or what, but it’s seems like quite a few of those look as if they’ve been done at the same time. I’d think that that would cause healing problems. I know it depends on the person, but that’s still a lot of fistula for the body to make at one time. I could be entirely wrong, though. It still looks great :)

  3. Hmmm, must say, I love surface piercings and microdermals, and I’m reallly impressed that he stood through all of those in what looks like one sitting, but I can’t say I really like it aesthetically.
    just my opinion.

    …he is hot though, haha.

  4. I don’t usually like surface piercing projects. I generally think they look awkward or overdone. This one however, I really like, I think the piercings were placed very nicely. I just hope it heals well!

  5. 10.
    thank you captain obvious, I never would have known to take care of piercings or infections might happen!

  6. Very nice! It will be tough to heal all of them, but if they do all heal well, it will be fucking awesome!

  7. 13 u look ghhay asshh fucdge besides those roses are cruppy fugckin work to be seen only in a glory booth as far as the use of the word fistula to describe ur work dont know wtf it means but it sounds nasty so it works when describing ur lousy looking work

  8. hahahahaha!!!!……..ha! i only did the surface work, not the tattoos. i use surface bars from body circle(Haworth recommended) and the anchors are the same type from Sean Dowdell. i hope it does last, but like all piercings some may not take or get snagged. He wanted it, i did it. he paid. end of story. if i see him again i will post a new, healed pic. im just happy to be on modblog again. yay!

  9. That has to be uncomfortable at times. I had one surface bar on my sternum. It was uncomfortable sometimes even when it was healing nicely. I don’t know maybe it helps that he doesn’t have tits getting in the way.

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