Cain – Four Weeks Later

Cain appears to be healing fairly well. We all know what he looked like during the procedure and a couple days out. Emilio sent us some photos which were taken about four weeks later. I suppose it’s obvious but I’ll mention he’s clearly had his forehead implants replaced with a larger generation.

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  1. average male lol

    its werid how his ears are like 10mm

    but hes got like the biggist implanets and crazist facial mod and

    small lobes

    i mean surely hes not worried about his lobes goin bk 2 normal if he streches 2 far lol haha

    great pics keep them coeming

  2. He’s probably not in as much pain and discomfort. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone look super happy right after surgery! :P

  3. Awesome, It looks as if the implants are just about to break the surface, in the first pic, for that truly authentic devil appearance!

  4. He somehow reminds me of Hellboy now
    That’s not meant as an insult at all, I think he looks cool, but I’m just remarking it. I’m sure some people here might agree.

  5. Iris. i can see what you mean by the Hellboy remark in the shot where he’s out on the street, but i think it’s more down to his facial expression than his mods.

    which are damn impressive by the way!

  6. oh my goodness,
    I don’t know what to think of these, on one hand I’m like “HOLY SHIT those mods are so amazing, the dedication and love behind them must be superb”
    but the on the other side I’m like “OH MY GOODNESS, that’s actually almost frightening and somebody should cast him as a monster in an upcoming movie”

    but he does look amazing haha, and he certainly does seem to enjoy it alot, so I can’t be hatin. :)

  7. Ohhhh man!
    That´s amaaaaainzing!
    really like the way he looks happy on these pics!
    I can´t believe any one would go thrue something like this if it wouldnt make it self happy!

    so, congratulations! e all the best for him!
    I´m proud of the Body Modification comunity!
    Keep it up!
    Wanna see those horns bigger!

    congrat´s once again!

  8. can implants reject like a piercing can? it just seems crazy that he went from just over 1″ horns to 2″ in one procedure…

  9. wow, that’s coming along great! I wasn’t so sure about it from the initial photos, but it’s looking really good.

  10. does anyone know what he does for a living? 0_0

    i’m all for heavy modification, but honestly, in todays society – what job could you seriously apply for? I sometimes assume all the people that appear on modblog with such extreme modifications are all millionaires that don’t need to work. XD i know that Skull Boy puts up flyers…

  11. Yes, implants can reject. The horn design with more of a pointed end has had this problem. The ends were poking through the skin on some people. I’ll post up a picture as soon as I find one.

  12. I am just curious because I thought with implants you needed to go in steps, like what you do when stretching a piercing. like 1/2″ horns to 5/8″ horns to 3/4″ horns etc.

  13. You generally do. I think the jump here may be deceiving because of the angles and the swelling. I’ll check with Emilio on what the actual sizes are so we’re not guessing.

  14. Glad he’s happy for now…lets see this guy in ten years when he’s got a saggy forehead. Do they make bra’s for support for those things? Hellboy? Really? He looks more like Kevin Nealon on Little Nicky.

  15. All I have to say is OUCH… I know how uncomfortable just my standard nose and lip piercings were when I rolled over on them.. I can’t imagine rolling over on the implants.

  16. @ 27: same here!

    the healing is great though, glad its going to good. stupid question but if you got a cold and a stuffy nose, would wiping or blowing your nose be an issue?

  17. I wonder what would happen if he took out the implants ? Would there be sacks of flesh like after a stretched lobe or would they revert back to normal ?

  18. what brittany said made me think… the only way i could imagine him being any scarier looking would be if he smiled and had a mouth full of teeth filed into points.

    i love the shot where’s he out on the street. lookin like a total badass. all i can say is good work; it’s obviously made him happy.

  19. Hm, I like the nose, but those implants are soo big! They remind me of boobs.. I liked em more when they where smaller.

  20. Does anyone know if the nose operation could effect sinus drainage in some way? I’m sure that was looked into before he got cut up, but I’m just curious.

  21. @ 18. Mud

    “i’m all for heavy modification, but honestly, in todays society – what job could you seriously apply for?”

    in todays society, places of work are much more accepting of mods than previous days.

    eg. Tesco’s (a uk chain store), now allows large lobe stretching, facial piercings and dyed & styled hair on staff. 3 years ago a pair of studs in the lobe, and ONE stud for boys was all you could get away with. so times are changing :)

  22. (*aww…shucks* – If you were referring to “The Elephant Man”, his name was John Merrick, not Joseph. )

    As this modification heals I find it more beautiful. It was scary at first, but now it’s intriguing.
    I wonder what his girlfriend has to say about it. I’d love to see a pic of what she looks like.
    I’m wondering if they are an “odd couple” or if she is heavily modified as well.

  23. Damn the pictures great, but the horns lost a lil bit of their symmetry didn’t they? But the nose looks like it’s healing very very good, I think a septum piercing, I mean a large gauge one would look pretty amazing =)

    But all in all very great work and Cain and Emilio are really pushing it to an extreme. I like it a lot.

  24. @ 37: I don’t quite reckon calling is stupid is called for. I mean…the guys obviously gone to a lot of effort…and if it didn’t make him happy he wouldn’t have. Does making yourself happy (or at least closer to)…make you stupid?

    The nose seems like its coming along really well though. Keen to see it in a couple of months more or less healed.

    And sinus drainage? I reckon it might be ok? As in the last pic I think I can see that hole into his head up his nose looking normal…could be wrong though =P

  25. #29

    i think he CAN´T smiling… it appears like his lip piercings (especially on the fourth pix) are going through both lips…

  26. The healing looks great but I’m curious about the “tip” of the nose that was sewed down. It still looks iffy.
    and DAMN I can’t imagine hitting my head on a cabinet with those implants.

  27. is funny all the people here in bme is supost to love extre body mod and what ,this same people is rejet the work live and let people live hi is happy hi love his mod and hi can pay his food and house, and what ever hi one yesssssssssssss hi have a tattoo shop and hi make the same money like what ever tattoo owner

  28. Hahaha……. those implants are huuuuuuuuge. His nose is looking pretty awesome so far too, I didn’t think it was going to heal that well.

    Good luck brother!

  29. I was a little unsure of what i would think of this when it is healed, but it looks awesome! He really does look like the devil

  30. I really like the nose work, I don’t know if it’s subtle because I have seen it so much and have stopped seeing it, but I find the implants a lot more striking now than the nose.

    Good on him.

    But I wonder what it would be like to have a cold!

  31. Wow…the new implants are super intense; I dont think i could handle having my scalp cut and stretched around as many times as he has with all his size ups.

    The nose is looking rather well it turned out rather nice.

    I like the lip piercings but not too crazy about the fang part of them on teh top lip, but if he likes it who cares? :0)

    Im curious to if he has any dental mods….that would be sweet.

    Im also curious what type of reactions he’s getting from the folks in his city.

  32. Wow, the nose looks gnarly! It’s awesome. I love how the upper lip piercings go through the lip (as seen on bottom row second pic).

  33. I was told by Emilio that the new horns are 1 1/2″. They look huge, and I do believe they are larger than Louies.
    The healing looks good so far. I’m curious to see what everything will look like a few months from now. HOpefully we get more updates on here.

  34. God thats gnarly. The picture of him on the street is my fav -its really puts things into context, how it would be to run into this cat. Amazing. Is there a limit to the fucked up, wonderful shit people can do?

  35. i dont like his big horns. they looked nice small, but this is just kind of silly looking, imo. especially in the first shot.

    the nose is interesting.

    he should do some large gauge facial stuff. big labret?

  36. @ (37) Meow: Can you read? It wasn’t DIY

    And while I wouldn’t do this myself, it is incredibly awesome. Very nice job.

  37. I completely agree with Shawn. Nothing against the horns or the nose, but you really need to slow down man.

  38. I liked the look of the smaller horns better. These seem to dominate the other mods he has (but that may be what he’s focusing on). The smaller horns along with his nose-work and add ear-points and he’d look perfectly Pan-like.

  39. I’m also all for slowing down… we hear//see enough about stupid kids stretching their lobes too fast nowadays, but this is taking it to a completely different level.
    [Not calling him a stupid kid, by the way. Just using them as an example.]

    I think it’s interesting that, because of the horns, the nose doesn’t look all that strange to me. Then again, this may be because I spent a great deal of time staring at the pictures of it immediately after it was done :] But, as I was saying, because of the size of the horns, the nose just complements his appearance more.

    Kudos to him for going after what he really wants. This really demonstrates that there are very few real limits to body modification… if any.

    And I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the hilarious juxtaposition of his evil facial expression with a Dunkin Donuts in the background!!

  40. amazing…nothing more satisfactory for a modifier that a customer happy and healthy … never doubt that his new nose would be a success … Emilio and Cain…Congratulations guys…

  41. could we possibly get an interview with this man? and with emilio about the procedure??

    i would love to know his reasonings for it.. as well as public reaction…

  42. I wasn’t sure about the nose when I first saw it, but now it’s starting to heal I actually like it a lot. Personally I think smaller forehead implants might have shown it off to greater effect, but he does look pretty great!

  43. All the negative comments. He said he wanted to transform himself FOR A LONG TIME into something more “evil”.
    He finally got the means and the person to do it, so of course he jumped fully forward.
    I love it. He looks amazing.

  44. i lovelovelove this.
    it’s something i’d never ever even consider doing, but it’s so awesome i can’t get over it.
    he really is changing himself so much! and it looks so great.
    mad props to this fella.

  45. oh and at #70.
    if i’m right, he’s doing sweet metal poses, and being, “grim” i suppose.
    you typically see people in various types of metal doing it.

    but he might be doing it ’cause he wants to. just sayin’.

  46. He looks like how I envision Saladin Chamcha would have looked during his transformation in “The Satanic Verses.” I like!

  47. That looks much better now that it’s starting to heal. I rather liked the smaller implants though. But as a complete picture, neat effect.

    What time frame are we looking at here? 4 weeks, have I got that right? So it’s still gonna be swollen with more healing to do then?

  48. this wouldnt really be my cup of tea,
    but i do find his body modification extremeley interesting and amazing..

    i think all people here, should learn to do the same,
    even if you dont like it, you have to admit its amazing.

  49. He really does look amazing in my opinion. It reminds me of old folk artwork of demons, which I guess is his intent.

  50. On one hand I’m thinking wow thats badass.

    On the other I’m like why would someone do that.

    Then I put both thoughts away and think, “Fuck yeah”

  51. This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen D: I can’t wait to see it fully healed, that’s AMAZING!

  52. As unhumanly modified as possible, one can not escape the fail safe modernity of capitalism (dunkin donuts) in the background of photo four… who dosent love a freak in society.

  53. These modifications are obviously well done and healed, but I’m just not a fan of his current appearance. The horns seem a little silly in their size. The nose is appealing and interesting, but I think that his appearance is distracted from by the horns.
    Tee…in the picture where his face is back and his eyes are closed, I thought of a kitten because the horn looked like the little triangular nubs of ears cats are always drawn with in cartoons.
    Regardless, I know it must take dedication to reach the transformation that he has, to not only heal it but to live with it daily.

  54. Be intresting to see where this guy is at a few years from now. Yeah metal. I think he should keep going. Cheek implants maybe something along the jawline. I wonder what his mom thinks? I bet his family is dead or he doesn’t have one.

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  57. ill bet when it really hurts and hes at home alone, he likes to pretend that hes transforming into a demon, and he drops to his knees screaming while ripping his shirt off

  58. In the shots where it’s four days after the procedure, Cain’s face looks to me a bit reptilian. However in the fourth shot in this group he takes on an almost simian appearance (to me). I’m not knocking his decision, I really respect it and I actually like how he is cultivating his look. Those were just my impressions.
    Side note: I’m a huge fan of Emilio, his image and his work.

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