45 thoughts on “Alive and Kicking

  1. #2 – This makes me miss my mohawk too…… I would get another one but last time my mom cried. She loves my hair so now I gotta grow it out for her.

  2. thanks babe :) that pic is sorta old though it was taken before my ears were scalpelled to correct a slanted piercing and since that pic my sleeve has been blacked out for branding
    that shoot was my first band shoot and i would have preferred it to have been done now that i have 1 inch ears and a black sleeve :P

  3. if he had eyebrows, he would be the foxiest man alive…
    i guess I will just take this picture into MS paint and draw some on so I can see how potentially hot he COULD be.

  4. OK. so I just did, and brought my eyes out of focus a tiny bit so I couldn’t tel lthe eyebrows were actually pixelated.

    but yeah. reallllllllllllly attractive.
    he should grow some pretty soon.

  5. :) i only dont have eyebrows because im a natural blondie so they look strange mixed with my blue hair it just doesnt look right to have them

  6. hahaha nooo James look rancid with eyebrows! Trust me haha! Looks like someone outta Hanson!

    He wont let me draw them on for him :( Such a bully!

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