This Tattoo Will Infect Your Soul

This wonderful portrait (on Adam Burdine) is of the legendary George Carlin..

Click through for a large view.

By Mark Von Diehl, Classic Tattoo, San Marcos, TX.

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43 thoughts on “This Tattoo Will Infect Your Soul

  1. That is a truly incredible portrait. I especially love the detail on the forehead and fingers!

  2. Amazing portrait ! Wow the detail is ridiculous. it looks like he just stamped a straight photograph on his leg.

  3. This is *such* an eerie work of art. The skin and eyes are SO realistic and expressive! I’d be so damn proud to have that tat, I wouldn’t wear long pants even if it were snowing.

  4. “Get on the plane. Get on the plane.
    Fuck you, I’m getting IN the plane! There seems to be a lot less wind in here.”

    By far one of my favorite comedians.
    Wonderful detail. His eyes were captured just beautifully!

  5. Amazing! I wondered how long it would take to see a tattoo like this. I have a tattoo in memory of Mr. Carlin. It says “Think Off Center”

  6. Unfuckingbelievible!!!
    That’s art done by an artist!
    You can learn how to handle a medium, learn technique, but the bottom line is: either you got it or you don’t.
    That “X” factor that cannot be learned.

    This guy has it.

  7. Rat shit, bat shit, dirty old twat
    69 assholes tied in a knot
    Hooray, lizard shit, fuck!

    Just felt the need to share Carlin’s cheer. Awesome tattoo of an amazing stand-up philosopher.

  8. “you know., life is not that complicated. you get up, you go to work, you eat 3 meals, you take one good shit and going back to bed. life is not that complicated!”

    he was a god.

  9. wow that is SO good.
    i want to get at least 2 portrait tattoos and i hope they come out that good

  10. The plan is to add the 7 dirty words underneath him on banners(where it can still be covered by a sock if need be). Proud to be sportin this tattoo, took 2nd at Austin Inkfest last month!

  11. It’s nice to actually see a well done tattoo on modblog for a change.

    I wasn’t sure who it was meant to be at first, but it’s well done all the same.

  12. this is absolutely amazing. I really have no words to describe how gorgeous it looks, I don’t even believe that’s a real tattoo.

  13. Im not a big fan of potrait tattoos [seriously, the eyes follow me around, Im not kidding lol!] but this must be the most realistic one ive ever seen!


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