I love these Chauvet cave paintings that my old friend Phil‘s rocking.. Click through on the second row of pictures for larger views.

By Melanie Ainsbury Panesh, Lampeter, Wales.

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32 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. Holy shit, those are some awesome tattoos. I love ancient cave art but, for some stupid reason, I never considered any of it for a tattoo. That’s officially changed as of now.

  2. Wow… I’m studying anthropology in school, so I know these pictures all too well, but i too would have never considered them for a tattoo!! Amazing!!!!

  3. I was just thinking – hey, that one looks like the Uffington White Horse – and then I scroll down and find he’s from Wales! Cool beans.

  4. Wow I love it! It really does look just how the real cave art does. The tattoo artist did a great job!

  5. Thanks Roo!

    Apparently, hairy palms is a sign of madness. They’re actually my niece and nephews handprints in a traditional cave art style.

    Not a Welshman (sorry Telyn) but lived there for years. Visit often as Melanie is an incredible artist and life long friend.

  6. I’m not usually a fan of tattoos that fall under the umbrella of “tribal”, but this is pretty cool.

  7. I think these are stunning. I personally wouldn’t put them under the “tribal” umbrella, though, because when I think “tribal”, I think of the overdone black armband thing. This goes so far beyond that.
    I particularly love the style of the spiral sun design on his back.

  8. i LOVE the way they actually look like cave paintings; they have almost a watercolor feel to em… i really like this one; i LOVE anthropology and archaeology!

  9. ^^^^
    but that’s why I love it – it looks like it’s always been there, rather than put on with black marker pen :)

  10. LAMPETER YES I was dying not being able to find a decent artist around here and there’s a bus from Aber to Lampeter yesyesssssss.

    Also, amazing cave art.

  11. Mel tattooed me when she used to work in Banbury, Oxon and she is totally amazing. Moved to Manchester now and gutted Lampeter is so far away. Anyone thinking of going to her, should :-)

  12. great piece there done by Mel, I am her apprentice here in Lampeter and i must say she is definatley one of the best… she is the only tattoo artist around that is firstly an artist, and she is the ONLY tattooist in the whole of ceredigion that specializes in custom work and portraits…

    anyone wanting any decent ink please get in touch….

    shop number 07508433946

  13. Not only is Melanie a great tattooist, she’s also absolutely lovely. It was a joy to be tattooed by her. Phil is lovely too! As lovely as he looks, and he’s great to hug JustJen! I miss him :)

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