Lights Out, Guerilla Radio!

This cracking Anti-MP3 / Pro-Cassette tattoo on Danny‘s hand is by Rob Junod, Cold Steel America.

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32 thoughts on “Lights Out, Guerilla Radio!

  1. now thats commitment!! respect

    and probably the most original thing ive seen in a long time!

  2. Haha this is so great! Cassettes are indeed one of the greatest symbols of my childhood.

  3. ‘Trendiest’. Tattoo. Ever. And. Writing. Like. This. Doesn’t. Make. Obsoletion. Slow. Down.

  4. love the tattoo idea and artwork!

    shame really because im a guy from the digital age and love my ipod more then i do my chewed up old tapes,

    bit more concerned that on Danny’s IAM page she has a digital streaming music player.. real old school!

  5. something about tapes that i still bum … reminds me of the cover to john nivens ‘kill your friends’

  6. woot! this is my hand! to clear things up, this was like an hour after this had been finished so my hand was super puffy, hence why it looks a wee bit crusty, trust me it looks fucking great now, even just like 5 days later. and yes i do have an ipod, which I love. I’m actually getting an ipod homage tattoo on my other hand to go with this one. I do find the humor in the fact that I love the iconic image of the cassette, and love the sound and compactness of them as well, but still worship my digital collection. whatta ya gonna do, right?

  7. I like the irony/contradiction of your idea, praising both old and new at the same time. In a way it makes no sense and in another it makes total sense. Sick tattoo.

  8. Hate to piss on everyone’s parade, but the process of making cassette tapes actually uses many digital audio means.
    Good tattoo all the same.

  9. Wow Melf. Kinda bitter there, huh? What, were you raped by a punctuation mark as a child or something?

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