36 thoughts on “This is the hunter’s badge of glory.

  1. The deer is not the same one as shown on my bottle of jägermeister…
    But i still like it ^^

  2. Mandic – I’m pretty sure it’s just the angle of the photo that’s making it look crooked

    I love jagermeister, and I LOVE this tattoo!

  3. Rico – look again, that is the jagermeister stag. It has suffered some slight distortion (likely from the stenciling process) but there are any number of specific details / elements that match up. Look specifically at the connected shading on the eye on the right side and the horns. It is not the jager logo however which is the stag with the glowing cross between the antlers encircled in its entirety. Five years of hosting their tours and working for them in the states has given me more trivia knowledge of the brand than anyone would ever need, if anyone wants I can explain the story of the logo. And no, Jager has never had deer blood in it – just a myth – but the fall tour starts on Oct 24 if anyone would like to watch me introduce bands.

  4. i love pieces involving antlers. in fact i generally love antlers. there so.. mystical. im being serious lol im lame

    to much fallout boy when i was a young’in perhaps?

  5. How many guys are gonna look down and that and automatically think of bambie’s mother getting shot, I like it though.

  6. Aww dammit! I was going to say ” more like VAG of glory” but someone beat me to it.

    Either way, first vaginas have teeth…now antlers? Man…I start to worry about what they’ll grow next. Fins? Or mayhaps wings…

  7. sazmatazz – the razor bumps were the first things I saw too!
    Personally I’d rather see a nicely trimmed pubic area rather than a hairless one filled with razor bumps.
    Oh well, to each their own!

  8. Woo for Alestorm?

    I know they didn’t do the whole “this is a hunter’s badge of glory” thing first, but it’s still pretty legendary…

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