A secret message, from my back!

On the right is an Oscar Wilde quote by Sam at The Tattoo Co., Las Cruces, New Mexico. On the left is Briana‘s tattoo of Pennhurst State School and Hospital (now abandoned)..

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24 thoughts on “A secret message, from my back!

  1. there ain’t nothin wrong with bob marley, pink floyd, drinkin booze, having fun, laughing…..

  2. #2 – dont take it so literaly. It’s just literature… hang on.. *scratches head* hahaha

  3. Maybe they mean all ‘convention, fad, popular (for the cool kids) culture’ is wrong?
    Also maybe it’s a totally ironic dig at tramp-stamps? oh the irony! oh the wit! :P

    Either way i kinda like it, love the font!

  4. well, it was definitely interesting waking up and finding a message saying that my tattoo (the pennhurst one) was in a blog on bmezine.

    thanks for the compliments!

  5. Day and Roo- i think i found that way funnier than is even appropriate. it’s so corny. . .but so clever. . .god i feel dumb.

  6. Pennhurst is like 20 minutes from my house. I went in it one stormy night. It was sweet. Really eary (sp?)

  7. #2

    I think its suppposed to be an ironic statement otherwise she wouldn’t have put said tattoo in such a location. I think you’re missing the point….

  8. #19… interesting, apparently we’re both right.

    #22 no, I understood…just not one for ironic statements. My comment was in jest.

  9. #1 – Love historical buildings so that is sweet!
    #2 – I don’t agree 100% with the verbiage, but I LOVE word tattoos; the font is sweet, esp with the ‘spray paint template’ edges

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