Fourth Time’s a Charm!

Ron Garza and John Durante (re)splitting CJ‘s tongue in Bangkok, Thailand..

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19 thoughts on “Fourth Time’s a Charm!

  1. i never understood why some people have “ritual” type of procedures (not necessarily tongue splitting) done in a clinical setting. to me that seems kind of antithetical towards the very personal, inner self focused intention that i usually associate with stabbing yourself for fun and that sort of thing. i dunno, it just seems more natural to think of someone sitting alone locked in their bathroom quietly pushing a razor blade across their skin compared with a piercing parlor or something with all kinds of people standing around and watching you…wearing those gloves…

  2. “it just seems more natural to think of someone sitting alone locked in their bathroom quietly pushing a razor blade across their skin…”

    wow. i hardly doubt that that would be a “quiet” endeavor…further, i guess massive infection, or any number of possible consequences, also seem completely “natural” to you.

    As for the picture..lets hope this split lasts.

  3. did you do the procedure the same each time? for example did you split it and than just leave it to heal or did you use sutures???

  4. I’ve gotta say, even after all these years of reading mod blog, tongue splitting still skeeves me out more than anything else (and I really do mean ANYTHING else).

  5. for scalpeling that looks pretty bloodless. it seems the other tongue splitting photos on modblog if there not burned in half and crispy looking they are leaking buckets of blood. Any chance we could get an interview with someone who used the tie off method i wanna know what that was like.
    P.S yes it so i know what i have to look forward too. i cant wait.

  6. 1st, 2nd and 3rd times were just a scalpel. No sutures and no anesthetic.

    4th time was with antesthetic and sutures.

    Next time will probly go back to just cutting. Sutures made my tongue swell so much I couldn’t close my mouth for 3 days.

  7. Oh and the xylocaine had adrenaline mixed in with it, which is why there wasn’t buckets of blood. So not only did I literally not feel a thing, I bled barely at all.

  8. maybe because i just got off a 10hr workshift..but the 4 hands tripped me out for a second! hope it lasts bro.

  9. at bob – from personal experience, worst two weeks of my life, lots of spitting, lots of waking up in drool, its quite hard to talk normally during it all, sneezing was horrifying, its great if you have a friend to help like i did with tying your daily binds super tight, and dont be afriad to snip through the last bit of skin holding your tongue together, it’ll save you a couple days. what you can also expect it a fair amount of regrowth. my initial split was an inch deep, now a year later its sitting at exactly a half inch deep.

  10. Xycalm- i already spit and drool alot lol but i really dont want regrowth but it looks like all the ways to split your tongue have a lot of regrowth.

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  12. Bob- The tongue is the fastest healing part of the body, and atleast some regrowth is inevitable. How much depends on how close an eye you keep on it while it’s healing is all.

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