BMEzine Toaster Boy.

This Flying Toaster tattoo is by Daveee of Kult Tattoo, Krakow, Poland..

I toast, therefore I am (angry).

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26 thoughts on “BMEzine Toaster Boy.

  1. Ironically, or maybe not Descartes statement makes as much philosophical sense with anything in front of it. So I toast, therefore I am. Is as correct as the original.
    Oh, and i like the tattoo.

  2. His chest hair looks like burnt toast smoke rising from the top of the toaster and spreading out

  3. why so serious in the face?
    you haz a toaster on your chest!
    smile a leetle?
    all the work is gorgeous on his arms. very vibrant colors. im wondering if the toaster is complete as it is? either way, cool as hell.

  4. LoganRah – actually, Descartes’ conclusion only works (in his philosophy) with “I think”, because the fact that one is thinking is the only thing one can be certain of after introducing universal doubt. You can doubt you have a body, you can doubt the world as we perceive it exists, but if you’re capable of doubting it then your mind must exist, he argues.

    But I digress. Loving the tattoo! All of his tattoos actually. I love colourful sleeves!

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