Mr and Mrs Nobody

“I just wanted to thank you for having such an amazing website. I met my husband through IAM (in the gasmask fetish forum actually) and we got married on the 6th of September!

Thank you so much!! If It wasn’t for IAM/BME I wouldn’t have met such an amazing person!!”

-IAM: Sindy Schism

38 thoughts on “Mr and Mrs Nobody

  1. It seems like some of the absolutely cutest couples meet through bme and/or because of body modifications. Makes me smile. Lovely pictures. Congrats to the newlyweds. (:

  2. ‘marriage is so 1980s’?! who are these people?
    im sorry but i think its a bit shoddy to express the fact you dont agree with marriage all over someones wedding photos!

  3. I love that she chose a dress which showed her chest piece without being strapless.

    What a cute couple :)

    This has made me go gooey. D’awwwww.

  4. All of you (minus oppositronic) rock, and thanks for your warm regards. The wyfe and I are very happy to be joined in matrimony and will soon join Ralex and wife in posting pictures of our offspring. We’re going to have to conceive it/them first, but, hey… we’ve got plenty of time for that. We’re still celebrating our own happiness!

    It’s a beautiful thing when two people can come together and express their joy publicly. I wish all of you the same and even greater happiness.

  5. Anton, we promise to provide gasmask pics within one year of our wedding. And we promise they’ll be hot.

  6. hey, sorry. don’t post your random wedding photos of strangers i’ve never met on modblog if you don’t want me to call them out on how the institution of marriage and the whole amerian dream with the fence and shit is a total sham. maybe yours will work out great, i hope your offspring keep th emachines etc. running smoothly. maybe they cure cancer

  7. negative outlook? well that’s how i’m livin. and like he said, it’s a wicked world we live in.

  8. Aww, hell. Got to credit BME for being probably the one place in the world where 2 people with a similar completely unusual fetish could meet. Very sweet, folks.

  9. Aww, hell. Got to credit BME for being probably the one place in the world where 2 people with a similar completely unusual fetish could meet. Very sweet, folks.

  10. Shucks, my “Do Not Feed the Trolls” image didn’t come up.
    Man, that’s a great meme. Oh, well.

    Hey, baby.
    I love you and I miss you, darling. I’m happy that I’m married to you. I could never have imagined getting married to anyone before I met you, but- I’m happy that you are She.


  11. Well, are they legally married? I can’t speak on behalf of Amandagee or oppositronic, but I oppose marriage, too. It’s a heteronormative institution that grants rights only to certain individuals deemed fit to be a couple or family recognized by the government. Not for just same sex couples, but for polyamorous couples, couples who choose not to get married, or people who (gasp!) just want to be single. But more importantly, it’s a way for the government to dictate what makes a family and for the government to say, “Yes! Now you are committed to each other and here’s a piece of paper to prove it!” They decided to commit their lives to each other and have a party. Good for them. But why not just keep the government out of it? Is there some sort of need to make your love for each other recognized by the government? I’m not ragging on you guys for making the decision to spend the rest of your lives together. It’s a big step and I congratulate you. I just wanted to point out that not everyone who doesn’t believe in marriage hates couples or people being happy. We just have a different view on things.

  12. We ARE legally married, I had a huge post written out on why we got married, but I decided not to post it. Canada’s marriage law’s are pretty loose..We allow same sex marriage and you can be common law married after a year of living together..So -shrugs-

  13. And here I thought this was a forum to publicly celebrate my happiness as it relates to my marriage and BME.

    Some of you think it’s a place to comment on marriage in general. How selfish of me, to share my happiness with others and not care about every little thought a few of them have. But, I don’t.

    If you can’t say something nice, you’re a jerk who is intruding on my party. Got it?

    “BME is a place for friends, please respect that.”
    My arse.

    This is the reason people marry; enough of you are such self-involved entitled jerks that we’d rather be with each other and not have to deal with you. You’re so awful, I prefer not to interact with you- and you make me appreciate my wife even more. We take comfort in our love for each other.

    My thanks to those decent few who can take pleasure in the happiness of their fellow creatures.

  14. Sindy and Nobody: I’m really sorry that some people can’t keep their idiotic comments to themselves and not post if they have nothing nice to say.

    Congratulations on your marriage!

  15. rachel-is a rule post only to say something nice cuz i thought what’s the point if we all compliment everything you put up, that’s not really discussion you could just make robots that do that.

    @#31hey man, chil out. your not gun2 bete me, are you? no, b.c thiss the internet,” got it?” the internets is not your perspnal priase forum… they open to ne 1 w/ a computer and is ANONYMOUS iy’s not like “real life u use 2 everyone is gonna have to say congratulations “awwwww” and shit like that. “dramatic irony” so i say a joke that comes thereby tomy mind. i mean come on, congratulations for what? it’s like your design man you been programmed to support capitalist infrastrukchur. it’s funny ot me to watch you do the littleroel bc you don’t know a play is on a stage . so go ahead and have fun, like you’re supposed to, but if you’re the hapy 1 why u get so bent out of shape when i say one line joke about the deterioration of marriage since the 80′s? and do you know what trolling means? maybe you look it up on the internet, if you u can handle out there is sharkkz

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  17. Thanks, Rachel. I appreciate it.
    I’m still a fan of BME; without this community, I wouldn’t have found my wonderful wife. I’m sorry I let a kid or two tick me off. BME is awesome.

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