Banana Beer.

Sweet bananas by Daniel Novais, Rio de Janeiro.

Beer love by Joy Rumore (more), Twelve 28 Tattoo, Brooklyn, New York.

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20 thoughts on “Banana Beer.

  1. I’ve had banana beer too, it tastes like beer mixed with sweets. It was served in half a coconut shell.

  2. I really love the way the bananas were done… but I find it creepy that they’re peeling each other… Both the tattoos are gorgeous though! : )

  3. In my home town there is a burger joint that has prints hung all over in the style of the bananas. The Bananas included, it’s the one I think I have the most vivid memory of….Awesome tattoo!

  4. ah yeah the beer in half a coconut shell i know that it’s from belgium ( where ilive ) they also have beer with chocolat , coconut and hawaïan fruits ….

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