UPDATE: Brain Piercings, Face-Tattoo Hoaxes and a New Article

Ha ha, remember that brain piercing story from the other day that seemed more than a little far-fetched and which Ferg‘s medical connection thoroughly debunked? Well, Master Piercer Elayne Angel (and wife of Buck Angel) wrote in to offer her own input (it’s bogus!), including a link to this site — it’s written in Portuguese (and the translation is mostly just a reiteration of initial blog post on the subject), but it includes this abjectly terrifying Photoshoppery:

Photo source: Vida Universitaria

Guhhh. I hate the Internet.

In other news, astute reader Lynette writes in to touch on the plight of our friends Bambang and Nanang, the victims of a practical joke that led to them tattooing their faces. Lynette … is not sympathetic:

I know S.E. Asia’s culture and politics well (my extended family are from Malaysia which is next door to Indonesia) and [to be honest] don’t feel in the slightest bit sorry for them …

Putting aside the beliefs in mystics/ghosts/spirits (something which exists mostly in rural areas of these nations, the urban areas are more high tech than the UK!), these scum were applying for “jobs” that would have involved spying on their own people and reporting back to the Indonesian security forces.

This could easily result in the village being stormed by cops/soldiers on “suspicion” of drug dealing/smuggling etc. When this happens, it isn’t like the politically correct West where people are [released] on bail and the worst what may happen is they get evicted or ASBOs. When the village is stormed, the menfolk (other than the spies/grass) are separated and executed (if they are lucky they are just shot, if not they are tortured), the women are used for the sex industry/forced breeding (i.e. rape) and the children are sold to rich families and the money taken by the government/soldiers.

Then the houses are bulldozed or lit on fire and the area cleared for logging or palm oil plantations (the government/soldiers’/cops’ families get the building jobs, etc.). This happens all across S.E. Asia and is rarely reported other than by activist groups and is covered up by the West, as it’s how we get our cheap furniture and “green” biodiesel.

This wasn’t a joke: it was a way of weeding out grasses/untrustworthy scum, and to deter people from taking these “jobs.”

Yowza. I can’t personally confirm these allegations, but that’s pretty damning if true. Anybody else from the Indonesia/Malaysia area that can back this up?

And lastly, we’ve just put up the latest of dreamy Paul King’s piercing history articles — this time, it’s labrets and lip piercings! Clicky below for the piece:

18 thoughts on “UPDATE: Brain Piercings, Face-Tattoo Hoaxes and a New Article

  1. I just want to point out that Indonesia and Malaysia, aside from being totally separate countries, are also extremely heterogenous. Anybody from a Malaysian middle-class suburban background who offers an opinion on the Indonesian facial tattoo prank story (including me) is likely blowing hot air.

    I do know bad stuff goes on in Borneo (Malaysia’s states of Sabah and Sarawak + Indonesia’s Kalimantan province + the very small country of Brunei…it’s basically our Alaska) in the oil palm and logging industries… no idea if they really do use tactics like this Lynette is saying.

  2. HAHAHAHAHH. Ohhh wow. That brain piercing picture… if anyone actually believed that was real…the drool was what really got me. Ahhh. Epic win.

  3. You know, frontal lobe damage doesn’t necessarily turn you into a drooling idiot. I’d expect the trajectory of the ‘shopped piercing to result in some combination of “emotionless zombie” and “uninhibited asshole.” (See the famous story of Phineas Gage for an example of the latter.)

    And then I’d expect meningitis to settle in.

  4. wow. the “brain piercing” is soo obviously photoshopped…. even his mouth is photoshopped to be drooling.

  5. Hmm…I’m not going to comment on the journalist lady.. Errrrk, someone’s not happy.


    I feel an urge to ask and feel like a DURP! doing so.
    How to guys shave with lip piercings in….? Much like I want to ask girls with eyebrow piercings how they get their eyebrows done.

    Seriously, this is a burning question!

  6. AmiiMetalFace When I had my eyebrow pierced, for a few years, I just plucked around it and waxed the not so close to the hole part.

    Now since its long gone, I just wax over the scar.

  7. AmiiMetalFace, i agree with Amber. when I first got it done I just tweezed around it and waxed not too close to it. When it healed I just took it out and waxed over the holes.

  8. AmiiMetalFace- If it’s just the one or two , like in the pic, then they can be taken out to shave, if there are lots of lip piercings, I personally use beard trimmers to shave with, then take the large pieces out to trim the hairs inside the holes.

  9. Haha, the picture is funny anyway. I thought the frontal lobe had something to do with memory as well, so the person would constantly be asking why there was a barbell in their head…every day.
    That guy doesn’t look very “euphoric”.

  10. I saw this originally in the onion. The sad part was a piercer who will remain nameless actually thought this was real and posted this big long blog about how dangerous it is y.and denouncing any piercer who did this. etc.. etc…

    funny thing.. cause I don’t even think my needles would be able to pierce through skull. :P

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