Panty Doctor.

Remember this delightful couple? Well Sindy‘s BMEzine logo tattoo is by Stan of Way Cool Oakville, Ontario and she thought it would be fitting as her husband is a medical student..

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13 thoughts on “Panty Doctor.

  1. i just walked past way cool :) i think i saw stan outside.. im assuming hes the asian one? heehee

  2. One of my new favorite BME tattoos.
    hah, i am wondering why mr nobody wishes for a clickthrough, though…can’t he get a real life clicktrhough every day??

  3. Zimantha-not right now, we’re struggling with immigration battles, he’s in Miami in med school and I’m in Canada working, I tried to cross the border right after we got married but they refused me entry until I have a visa..

    But, the papers are almost all filed and it’s looking good :) so, it’s just a waiting game now.. He’ll be here around Christmas for a few months so he can study for a big exam, and then *fingers crossed* I’ll go back across with him

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