61 thoughts on “Top o’ the Muffin to You!

  1. why is this on modblog? this is boring and just lame.
    there have got to be better, and more interesting, tattoos than this on modblog

  2. and why is there butter on it?
    who the fuck eats butter on blueberry muffins.
    i think that’s what I hate most about this

  3. I think this really cute. Although I’m a bit confused on the placement of the tattoo. Looks like it may be the stomach, but I see no navel, hip perhaps?

  4. elastic waistbands make muffintops harder to show…

    where is this on her?

    Love the text… muffin looks yummy… and buttery muffins are the best!

  5. Even with the contextual picture… this is on her side right? And her hand is covering her navel? Pictures are just at a super weird angle.

    I think it’s cute. If it was only the top of the muffin, no one would have any idea what it was supposed to be. It needs something to make it look more muffin-y, to me anyway. I like how it looks imbedded.

  6. i like it! homage to the chubbies. (^^) i’m also interested in that leopard print pillow thar.

    i want a muffin now. =c

  7. Some people allllllways gotta hate hahahahaha

    it is on my side and there is DEFINATELY a muffin top to show it off!

  8. Those who are whinging that it’s not a tattoo of just the top… how many of you would recognise the TOP of a muffin alone, as a tattoo? It needs the lower part to make it obvious what it is.

    Kel – if you’re afraid of things you don’t know about, you’re reading the wrong blog.

    Alissa – I love this tattoo, it’s adorable. And that butter is making my mouth water.

  9. This gal obviously adores muffins.
    Why do people have to be so negative all the time, it’s just a bit of harmless fun!

  10. I’m actually quite disgusted at the response of number 7. Not nice, at all.

    Personally I think it’s awesome. Not only is it a fun idea, but it’s a really well done tattoo. Super cute.

  11. haha this is so cute! but i dont see why you would put butter on a muffin? i will have to try it one day. (it must be an american thing?)

  12. haha sooooo cute!
    i think the butter is one of those americany things like insisting on driving on the french side of the road

  13. well obviously you’re going to have muffin tops if you insist on smothering an already very fatty muffin with a lump of lard. nice.

  14. well now I’m hungry…

    that is one tasty looking muffin, and I admire the self esteem one must have to label their flaws so permanently! And is it just the way I’m looking at it or does it look like the muffin is bursting through her skin at the bottom like a mountain? COOL.

  15. *shrug*
    I really like butter on my blueberry muffins.
    When I worked as a waitress, the vast majority of people who got muffins, ate them with butter…

  16. i’m so insanely dissapointed right now. although i mostly skimmed through the comments, i did not see anybody that mentioned the seinfeld reference to this. it was even one of the more popular quotes! oh and by the way… who the hell eats muffins without butter???

  17. Although I took inkfaery’s comment,” I admire the self esteem one must have to label their flaws so permanently! “, as being made in a positive light, I must disagree. I do not see it as a labelling of flaws, but an admirable embracing of self. But perhaps this is just splitting hairs and is a moot point. Either way it is a wonderful tattoo.

  18. Top O’ The Muffin to ya! And a little bit of butter on a warm blueberry muffin is where it’s at – all you folks saying how crazy Americans are for eating like this – get bent and go dip your “chips” in mayo and leave our sweet and salty buttered muffins alone!

  19. I love it! Not only did it make my day with the chubby reference…and the fact that blueberry muffins are tasty as hell with or without butter…but also a Seinfeld reference? When elaine is sawing the tops off of muffins because it was the best part and she couldn’t even give the stumps away to homeless people hahaha

  20. i love muffins. however… i am also confused by the presence of butter. perhaps us UK folk are backward hehe.
    I have butter on breakfast muffins (you know, like crumpets/pikelet type things, more bread-like) but not on sweet muffins. butter and sweet things is confusing to me dudes! like puting butter on sweet scones… bleurgh!

    i do love this tattoo though, lovely!

  21. god forgive me engaging in petty name-calling on the internet, but…

    yo elsie–you’re being a Bitch. knock it off.

    daaamn girl. so awesome.
    marshall is so so amazing. love that boy

  23. Great, now I have the Muffin Top song from 30 Rock stuck in my head.

    My muffin top is all that, whole grain, low fat. I know you wanna get with that, but I just wanna dance.

  24. I think the tattoo is really cute, and really clever!

    Now, about the butter debate: I eat my muffins un-buttered. In fact I’ve never even thought to put butter on a muffin. However, now that I’ve seen a rendition of a muffin with butter it, it seems reasonable. I think it’s hysterical that so many of the comments on here are people putting in their 2 cents about butter on muffins, lol. Just thought I’d chip mine in.

  25. Well, I can’t eat muffins in an agitated manner. The butter would probably get on my cuffs. One must eat muffins quite calmly, it is the only way to eat them.

  26. Yep. Miss Alissa is a special girl.
    There’s a lot of talk about Americans putting butter on their muffins goin’ on around here. I put butter on my muffins and I’m one of them Canadians. So is Alissa.

  27. LOL

    How do half of you not know what a muffin top is? (I mean where it’s located on the body).. *baffled*

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