Homina Homina

This man is 12 feet tall, and was carved out of pure granite, by Jesus, under supervision of the Justice League of America, for some reason. About his tattoos, he says, they “started off as just a tribal sun in the middle of my back, and then it grew wings, then went down the left arm, and a few months later down the right arm. Next up will be the left and right thumb and wrapping around the wrists, about four inches up the arm.”

Sigh. If anyone needs me, I’ll be doing three- or nine-thousand sit-ups and eating raw eggs by the handful, shell included. Have a good night, ModBlog, and we’ll see you in the morning.

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49 thoughts on “Homina Homina

  1. Yuk. I’ve never liked bodybuilders. They look utterly grotesque.

    (Then again, I’m sure lots of people have the same reaction to pictures of tattoos and piercings.)

  2. goody christ on a rock!!! erm, I mean “lovely ink! with…muscles!”
    I’m sorry, the drool is making typing quite impossible.

  3. That’s cool if you’re into that. But I feel like the bulldog kinda takes away the “badass-ness” from the tribal and big muscles.

  4. jordan, i love how you say goodnight/good morning every day.
    makes me feel all cuddly inside. then i kick a puppy to make up for it.

  5. I like his facial expression, it’s like he knows everyone viewing is tiny and pathetic. I consider bodybuilding the most extreme body modification an individual can make. The large tribal design suits him well.

  6. “Sigh. If anyone needs me, I’ll be doing three- or nine-thousand sit-ups and eating raw eggs by the handful, shell included.” HAHAHAHAHA Jordan, you make my life… marry me ^_^

    I really like this guy’s armpiece… and he’s got a very attractive face, but everytime I see a man with muscle my head feels sad: how are you supposed to cuddle him and where’s that little nook you put your head when you’re cuddling your man?

    ….. alright. Bed for me. I need help.

  7. awesome suits him well. a life time of dedication and consistency and strict diet always looks good with some ink!

    mmm i see no acne, water retention or Gynecomastia
    remember guys and girls not all muscle Freaks do juice…
    some actually do it naturally.

  8. This will sound rude but.. the tattoos are pretty crappy. If this wasn’t a b/w I’m sure they’d look worse.

    ..but I would say that to his face. :x

  9. what’s wrong with using steroids? they still have to work out wicked hard in order to achieve results.

  10. brad pitt – you’re a big fella, kids how big is he ?
    kid – big that’s for sure.

  11. Ah. Body builders. A good way to make me feel all kinda.. Flimsy.

    But if anything, I’d say that the bulldog is just fine where it is. If he wished for the whole ‘extreme badass’ thing, I’m sure he could have just as easily gotten it covered up. And maybe.. It could be his first. Hell. My first is pretty shitty, but for some reason, I don’t think I’ll be getting it covered up or even touched up. Though his reason for keeping the bulldog visible could be different. I’m just guessing.

  12. Well, he’s just a thousand kinds of beautiful. The amount of dedication and work he’s put into his body easily equals that of the most modified of us, in my opinion. And the bulldog is delightful! It lends a point of interest to an otherwise ordinary (If aesthetically pleasing due to the arm it’s on) bit of tribal.

    Yes please.

  13. OH GOD, YUMMY!!!! you feature many beautiful women on here, why is there so much flack when you post a HOT guy?

  14. @areku: hadn’t ghought of that and it makes it easier to look at somehow

    @moonchild: of course it could be because he’s hot, too

    although I prefer the scrawny guys

  15. Kate: That was my first thought too!
    … adding onto my last comment: his face looks so sad! I wish I could give him a hug :)

    and give up the complaining about the roids; anyone here see Modify? When’s the discriminating among our community going to stop? Also, nobody even knows for sure if he does them!! Even if he did, who cares because it makes him happy – just like everyone else’s tattoos, piercings and implants make them happy.

    There. I’m done.

  16. 12 feet is about 365 cms :)

    And even if Im not into muscles I really like this pic, it makes me smile, such a tough guy with such an erm… original ;) tattoo ;)

  17. pretty weird since the tallest guy ever (8″12) which is about 2.72 :)
    the guy in the picture doesn’t look taller than that :P

  18. Owww. He’s gorgeous!
    Haha I’m pretty sure the 12 foot thing is humour. Like the whole being carved by Jesus thing?

  19. Bitch please! Why is his modification any less valid than yours? Why do people always have to express such negativity and “hatred” when they could simply state something isn’t quite their cup of tea?

    Personally, can I just say OM NOM NOM. :)

    Also, those of you who claim he’s using steroids are only saying that cause you’re jealous. Face up. :P

    The first sentence would have made liquid come out of my nose had I been drinking any. Thankyou Jordan. :)

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