Devil Among the Tailors

IAM: the_absolute of Diamond Jacks Tattoo and Piercing in London, England, sends in some procedural shots of a recent skin-removal scarification piece:

See the completed piece, after the jump:

58 thoughts on “Devil Among the Tailors

  1. Oh wow, that is absolutely gorgeous.I’ve never understood why the artists dont always wear shirts though. I’ve seen so many photos of tattooing or other procedures where the artist has no shirt on. What’s the deal?

  2. Maybe because it’s possible they could come into contact with blood or pieces of bloody skin, and don’t want to stain a shirt.

  3. I’ve always wondered what those little mounds were in fresh scarification.
    Anybody know?
    You can see one near the upper area of the arm.

  4. Ahh Iestyn! He did some playpiercing on me a few years back

    This is a stunning piece I can’t wait to see how it looks after a while

  5. I agree with VOMIT.
    Very intense and I’m not sure I could handle that but its stunning.

  6. man, I am really a fan of these intricate geometric scarification pieces I’ve been seeing lately. Gorgeous work.

  7. it.s just flesh …once things have settled down u take a tooth brush with sum toasted sesame seed oil and srub the area real well like 4-5 times a day and most of that comes away leaving rawwer flesh underneath

  8. makes sense tho to do it in a single session, once offl; over and done with, the irritation and ugly feelings of trying to heal, the next day? once off, over and done and only clean sailing from there.

    Infection is real and i can think that after the job is done? a plastic or some covering is used, no ones wants re exposure 2 the elements.

    Id say do as much as possilble as soon as possible, the pain? Its cutting, done correctly there will be less. Any one got statistics on infection rates? South aAfrica sucks ass, want to be able 2 do this.

  9. This is just amazing … I’m so jealous as I don’t think I have the pain threshold for that kind of work … huge props to you ….

  10. im so glad to read posotive Modblog responces

    this is such a beautifiul piece, would love to touch it when its healed!

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  12. It almost looks like an english rose design. Very nice, and I’m not typically a huge fan of scarification.

  13. oh my GOD that is absolutely AMAZING. *stares in awe* huge kudos to artist and owner, that must have been an intense sitting! what a beautiful design, it suits so well. :D

  14. #22 ok 4 u and maybe ur right I sat for a week str8 once bettween tattoo and skin removal and differant artist and I can mos def remeber saying to myself(when my body went into a moderate to slight shock from head to toe thatmaybe so much work at once is 2 much ….but thats just me…also healing a larger area cleanly is a pain I like scarifcationbut the healing time and process can be intense but fuck it thatwas my face the leg peel the whole mother fucker off like chicken skin owell

  15. OK, I need to say it, I fucking love this piece. Strangely enough, it makes me think of a stained glass window like the ones you see in a church or something.
    Respect to the customer for sitting through that whole thing and respect to the artist for pulling of such an amazing piece.

  16. Looks beautiful. Strangely enough I like it just as much when just the lines have been done. Also, ouchie =)

  17. seriously impressed.ive really been digging all these geometric designs people have been getting with their scarifications instead of just regular images.once again.really impressed by this.

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