29 thoughts on “Well, Hello There, Stranger

  1. lmao @ HEHNGHH?!?!
    This picture would’ve been better if it had a click through of him standing there in the same pose naked.

    hehe naw, i just wanna see a closeup of the tat.

  2. Jordan,

    At least Roo made an attempt to identify the eye candy (eg. IAM, myspace, shop website).

  3. he IS rather quite cute. I wonder how far the sleeve goes. I was hoping for a clickthrough that involved a closeup.

  4. So all you girls want to see me naked ? Hahaha !!! Seriously thanks for the great comments.

  5. Vic: Sometimes there’s no info included in the photo submissions! Although it seems the model has wandered into the comments (number nine here) …

  6. mmmm…..not only would I like to see him naked, but I would take his clothes off for him! :)

  7. Yes Turk.
    We want all the hotness, no clothing to hide it.

    But seriously, would LOVE to see a close up of the sleeve.

  8. Man, that came out mean…. Which I didnt plan on sounding.
    I was happy with the comments about seeing the hotness naked and wanted to add to that list.

  9. so sexy.. yes i agree.. nude closeup… as to not take away from the tattoo.. i swear.. :)

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