Full Coverage: Links From All Over — Charity Edition!

[First Giving] When Chris Mischler was 16, his 57-year-old dad, a diabetes sufferer, died of a heart attack. Years later, he’s decided to raise awareness (and money, naturally) to help fight diabetes, though not through your traditional charity-runs or what have you. No: Mischler is turning himself into Mr. T.

A month ago, I had a full head of hair, no beard, no piercings, and no tattoos. I challenged my friends, family and coworkers to raise money for diabetes research, and at specified targets, I would make myself look more like Mr. T. They reached all the goals faster than I ever imagined, and pretty much turned a normal guy from Milwaukee into a Mr. T look-alike, albeit much smaller and more pale.

[...] I don’t have an unhealthy obsession with him. I mean, like any other guy my age, I thought he was cool when I was a kid. The challenge started out as a way to get people at my workplace to donate, and I thought the Mr. T hair would be a good bet because nobody thought I would really do it. Now, well, it’s sort of taken on a life of its own.

Mischler, thus far, has grown a beard, dyed his blond hair black, shaved his head into a mohawk and gotten an ear piercing, all to the tune of $500 raised. But now that he’s hit that mark, he’s raising the bar — now, he’s (hopefully) getting tattooed.

The next challenge is:
Phase 5:
$2,500 by Nov 9, 2008
“I Pity The Fool!” tattoo on my arm

Followed by the following challenges, at 2 week intervals, if each goal is met in time:
Phase 6: $7,500 A portrait of Mr. T above the text “I Pity The Fool!”
Phase 7: $20,000 The size of the tattoo doubles, to take up most of my upper arm
Phase 8: $50,000 An A-Team collage ‘quarter-sleeve’ tattoo
Phase 9: $100,000 A full A-Team collage tattoo on my back

Permission to editorialize? This guy is awesome. The sponsorship prices are steep, and, truth be told, I’m not sure what the chances are of anyway contributing $100,000 to see him get an A-Team backpiece (although God knows someone should), but this guy’s got a premise and he’s sticking to it. He’s at almost $2,000 now, which is nearing the mark for an “I Pity The Fool!” banner. Pass it on.

Photo source: RescueInk.org

[Rescue Ink] See those guys over there? The big, muscly ones? With all the tattoos? Who look like they just finished burning a series of villages to the ground? Who do not in any way look like they appreciate the stinkeye you’re giving them right now?

They’re actually pretty big sweethearts, and are part of the team behind Rescue Ink, an organization devoted to saving abused and neglected animals by any means necessary. The day jobs of these guys include firefighting, championship weightlifting and bodybuilding, martial arts training, auto mechanics, and one guy was even a detective with the NYPD. All of which is to say, these guys are for real, and are all bound by a common love of animals:

We formed Rescue Ink™ because the problem of animal abuse and neglect has grown beyond the resources of the existing animal welfare agencies. We love the work done by some of the local shelters, but they cannot possibly keep pace with the volume of problems that need to be addressed.

That’s where Rescue Ink™ comes in. We will stop at nothing within the bounds of the law to protect animals at risk. We will intercede without hesitation when we are informed of a situation that needs to be addressed, and we will address it. If we need to convince people to do the right thing … we can be very convincing, we’ll even buy animals if that’s what it takes to get them away from abusers.

Among the programs and services they offer and participate in are puppy mill awareness sessions, feral cat neutering, animal housing workshops and anti-dogfighting activism, and they’re always looking for volunteers. Just don’t screw them over, because oh my God they can hurt you.

[Fredericksburg.com] So, down in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival is hosting its annual Tattoo For Community fundraiser this weekend, during which literally 100 percent of all proceeds from tattoo work go to benefit the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank. In addition, the studio is holding a canned-food drive — bring three cans or more, and you get $10 off any piercing.

“With the economy being so bad and so many people losing their jobs, we decided it was more important than ever to support the Food Bank,” [Kenny] Brown, [co-owner of the shop] said.

[...] “We are trying to feed 30 families with the same funding we used for feeding 10,” she said. “This is a great time of need for the bank.”

Brown said that his own business is also suffering from the current economic crisis.

“We might have to save a few of those cans for ourselves,” Brown joked.

Sarcasm aside, Brown is serious about his philanthropy.

“Every year it gets harder to find the time and money for charity,” he said. “This is our way of giving back and keeping our ties with the community.”

7 thoughts on “Full Coverage: Links From All Over — Charity Edition!

  1. I saw this article awhile ago, the dog rescue guys…..if anyone on bme would like to help rescue pit bulls, leah iam:xpurifiedx and I (iam:afilmbombs) help run spbr.org – smilin pit bull rescue…..NY/CT/NJ/PA based :) join our forum pbsmiles.com!! hahaha hooray for tattooed people rescuing dogs…

  2. There’s an organisation here in Australia, I believe, where big tattooed bikers actually care for children. Well, not care for them, but if a single mother is being threatened or feels unsafe, she contacts these guys and they become her and her kids body guards. If something happens during the night, for instance, she can call the guy who is looking out for her, and he comes around and does ride-by’s of the house and makes sure everything is okay.

    I wish I remembered what the organisation was called, but it was amazing.

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