It’s … THE CLAW!

Looks like someone had some bad seafood salad at lunch! (Wah-wahhhhh. Also, did I really make a Liar, Liar reference in the title? Terrible.)

(Cutting by Keylan at Hub City Tattoo in Hagerstown, Maryland. Full stomach shot after the jump.)

23 thoughts on “It’s … THE CLAW!

  1. Yeah, when I first saw that I said to myself, “Maryland.”
    Also, it’s probably better to have a Liar Liar reference than a bad “He’s got crabs” pun.
    Way to take the high road on that one, dude.

  2. cool lookin abdomen there! what is above the bones and between the grapes and wheat and stuff in that tattoo ?

  3. Considering the scar under the navel, which looks like post-surgical one, the claws you can see might not be intended as the ones of a lobster, but of a cancer.

  4. cooooool! i really like this haha made me smile :) and the tummy tattoo is pretty swell as well.

  5. I duinno… I kind of want to marry you for the Liar Liar reference.

    I make one at least once a day, and no one ever understands.

  6. LMAO @ #5 kujoton for the Family Guy reference, and @ #12 Valencinho for the South Park reference.
    Do I watch too much adult cartoons? I think so, yes.

  7. This is absolutely a fabulous piece of work.
    I just love the shading, you don’t see that often in scarification.
    Symmetry is nice too. 8)

    I hope you’ll post updates on the healing of this work in future, Jordan.

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