My Forehead is Bumpin’

Ha ha, another young woman with geeky hand tattoos! This usually goes over well, right? (Says the wearer: “Got this tattoo the morning after halloween. I was sufficiently hungover … probably still drunk. Cheers!”)

(Tattoo by Joe Miller at Tribe Tattoo in Denver, Colorado.)

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43 thoughts on “My Forehead is Bumpin’

  1. reminds of the lyrics goes a little something like this “I’ll slap U in the face with 9 inches of limp dick”

  2. I guess if you hit with that part of the hand, it would be brilliant. personally, when I saw it I thought “what do the fingers say to the face??? smack, bitch!!!”
    her attitude is rawr.

  3. No, but see, this is okay, because she has sleeves. Obviously that makes geeky hand tattoos all right, because, like, um…. something….

  4. This is my tattoo and yes the html IS correct, as KYL so graciously explained it for you.


  5. This is not html (there are no slap and face keywords in html), so this is xml. So where is start face and end slap ?

  6. i highly doubt this tattoo was supposed to analyzed and taken apart bit by bit. its supposed to be FUNNY! which it is btw! i like this html tattoo waay better than the legit ones ive seen because this one works with the english language too. like begin the slap, and end with the face. smack a bitch!

  7. she looks more heavily modified than the stfu noob chick, and also she looks like she is a better person.

  8. “so this is xml”

    Not really, it’s not well-formed and it’s missing the DTD to boot. It would cause any properly built XML parser to fail.

  9. Man, people take things very literally. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t aiming for an actual, usable piece of html code on her hands… I think it’s pretty funny!

  10. #25 yep, i forgot prosessing tag and root, xsd or dtd is not mandatory. #22 you are correct, ranting is fun but better stop now ;)

  11. i work with kristie, and while we were laughing at all the comments, we would like to point out one simple thing: it cant ACTUALLY be html, because there IS no html code for “slap face”. you cant make a computer, or a code, “slap face”.

    plus, without the backslash, her hands would just be continously slapping back and forth. not good for a tattoo artist; she needs to be able to use her hands.
    : )

  12. this is cute. and she doesnt look like she is trying so hard, unlike the previously posted knuckle tattoos.

  13. #24 oppositronic: Why on earth would you judge a person’s “goodness” based on their tattoos? Isn’t appearance-based prejudice one of the things we here at modblog and the whole bodmod community are trying to get rid of?

    And I think all the debate about it being correct html or xml is pointless, the tattoo is just funny and should be taken as such.

  14. P.moz on November 7th, 2008 at 5:25 pm:
    Begin slap. End face? Don’t get it…

    You really don’t get it?

  15. uh, i don’t remember signing any kind of modblog manifesto or creedo before i got this anonymous sn, but then again i do black out a lot. honestly though i think you would have better luck with eradicating “appearance-based prejudice” if you went around with a rusty nail stabbing people in the eyeballs.
    i find tattoos generally to be an expression of the person who’s decided to have them done, and sometimes those tattoos suck and sometimes those people are wack bitches. i think judging someone based on how they look is inevitable (and you’re not exactly helping by getting visible tattoos done) whereas wack bitches are for the most part largely avoidable.

  16. why the curled “gangster” lip? why do girls think this makes them look anything but fucking retarded. uh dur dur.
    i could be wrong, it might just be the hungover, just tattooed face. not the im cooler than you face.

    but on the up and up, i do like her plugs. fancy fancy

  17. hahahaha

    Tattoo fail. As an actual geek, I am happy that you failed at trying to borrow off our culture, and even better, you’ve permanently marked that failure on an obvious part of your body for the rest of your life!

  18. As has been pointed out that is not anywhere near proper HTML or XML. The geeky part about that tattoo is that any geek who sees it will identify you as a non-geek who would be laughed at in an intro to HTML class after the first hour of instruction. The worst part is that you were admittedly hungover and/or drunk when you got it, but now sober you don’t look at it and see your huge mistake.

  19. she still likes it, despite it being “:wrong” if you can come up with an html/xml code, that actually “slaps face”, i’d like to see it.
    . why would you leave comments that make her feel bad? HER body, HER tattoo.
    and she’d already wanted it BEFORE being drunk/hungover.

    not your body? dont worry about it.

  20. Seriously people?

    Haha I cant believe this is still going on, no where in the description did I say this was a perfectly executed form of html, seeing as how it couldn’t be cause its a PHYSICAL action…And yes I am aware on how it should have been properly written for code execution to the web. Wow people way to over analyze a joke lol

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