This Week in BME

IAM: Dirtbag Danae, Stretched Ears and Tattoos

(The model formerly known as mightymousy, with piercings by Andrew Niland and tattoos by Denis Prevost at Live Once Tattoo in North Bay, Ontario. Click through to de-Roo.)

Original image removed at the behest of the photographer. New photo is of IAM: dirtbag_danae.

That’s it for another week, folks. This time around:

  • We l’chaim‘d.
  • We ripped our seams.
  • We were reminded of the dreaded lotus boob.
  • We got off up by our asses.
  • We were charitable!
  • And, of course, Gobama defeated Nobama — now let us never use those terms again.
  • Have yourselves a lovely weekend, folks. As usual, we’ll pop in a few times, and then begin anew, Monday morning.

    46 thoughts on “This Week in BME

    1. click throughs rock my world. i would’ve preferred a more degrading spread-pussy shot though. go obama!

    2. oh..roo’s face placed on her chacha made me laugh reallllyyyy hard xD anyway…the picture is beatiful, looks like professional work…her body is beatiful…

    3. Haha, thanks Jordan! Everyone should have my face between their legs.

      I’m surprised nobody’s made any:

      Roo’s a douche.

      Roo’s a cock-blocker.

      Or Roo’s a pussy jokes.

    4. Shame he didn’t post the nice full body shot I sent with the tattoo in colour but ah well. this is for all you who complained you wanted to see more of the tattoos and piercings last time I was posted on here ;)

    5. #18 I was wondering that too, why the change over?

      And is Jordan saying that Roo’s a cunt?!!!

    6. my work is blogged daily on a variety of blogs all over the web…but never have i had an original image provided in good faith hacked as above…

      pls read the following carefully…it was sent to your “media” hot link on the contacts page of your site…which apparently doesn’t function…

      sirs…my name is dana richardson…i am a Toronto-based visual artist and photographer…it has come to my attention that an original digital file provided to your member “formerly known as mightymousy” for submission to your site been altered and published in a way that has not been authorized by me…and in a fashion that i find extremely disrespectful not to mention crass and in bad taste…

      bottom line…if this travesty and violation of copy write is not removed immediately i will be taking legal action..

      d richardson

      i don’t mind people having a good laff…when it’s at my expense…be prepared to pay

    7. Just to clearify what happened, I was given permission by the photographer to share the photos with bme for them to use if they liked. However, the use of Roo as a censor on top of Dana’s artwork unfortunately didn’t sit well with him and he asked that they take the image down rather than have the modified image of his original artwork up.

    8. artwork shmartwork…like he’s the first person to take a photo like that *rolls eyes*
      lighten up! the photo was gorg.

    9. wow, some one needs to remove the stick that got shoved up their ass. unless, of course, they’re into that sort of thing. ;)

    10. @#30 – That sounds like a silly reason to request a photo to be removed. But people are certainly entitled to their feelings, silly as they may be.

    11. “thx links to my flickr account remain…i have very little patience for this kind of treatment…”

      sounds like somebody has a roo up their vag

    12. dear mr ginsberg…i thought this matter was settled in a mature and professional manner…apparently not…

      since my comment above remains unpublished it’s perhaps difficult for your members to grasp the seriousness of this gaffe…i’ll give your members the benefit of the doubt…

      you on the other hand are obviously not a friend of artists…and a huge liability to the people who sign your pay check…

      i suggest you either publish it or print an apology…or….

      and i would caution your members about proliferating any of my images on the web with any kind of alteratiions including foreign watermarks like…

    13. man that phorogrpahyer is propa milkin this whole hing just because he neva has anything beta i mean wtf who wnats 2 argue over the internet i mean get a life man


      i mean what was she exspecting when she put a pic of her vagina up on the internet i mean god its a privlege 2 be on mod blog and its the women who has been shown not the shitty phorogpayher

      i mean god

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