Because it Has a Song

When I first saw this picture, I thought, Hey, nice tattoo. A little nondescript, but interesting nonetheless, the texture in particular. Then I read the description and realized holy god that is not a tattoo, it’s an electrocautery brand, and probably covers more surface area than other one I’ve seen. (Then again, I don’t get out much.) Very impressive, at any rate.

(Brand by Robert Curiel in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.)

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26 thoughts on “Because it Has a Song

  1. that is a pretty damn big brand. i’m not crazy about it aesthetics-wise but the texture is pretty cool.

  2. Loving it. The pulling feeling when it starts to scab is going to be an absolute SOB though.

    #3 May or may not fade to reddish… like all scarification its determined by genetics/aftercare/irritation and the like. Might go pale, might keloid, might disappear. The endorphin rush though, that would be something to remember and treasure IMHO.

  3. If you thought eagle tattoos were fucking sweet, you’ve never seen an eagle brand! (haha eagle brand)

  4. i actualy have a friend who as an entire back piece done with electrocautery. definatly bigger then this. but the birds still preety cool :)

  5. Amazing! And huge!

    annnnd when I could only see the top half before scrolling it looked like a tattoo of poop, which would equally impress me. But I guess this is a lot classier.

  6. i just want to pick that when it scabs.. if it scabs.. will it scab? it must.. lol not even weird. if you were a scab picker you’d know!

  7. How on earth is his surrounding skin so pale. My scars and burns have always lit up my surrounding skin right away. I’m pretty pale, but damn!

  8. Wow, that’s nice … Maybe a little bit crazy
    and damn that must hurt!

    but really nice. I like it!

  9. I can’t imagine healing that. I’ve never seen a mod that made me cringe a little, and this one actually did. Big burns hurt so much =[

    I really like the design though.

    Will we get to see healed pics??

  10. if im not mistaken thats not an eagle…. im thinking “black bird” would be the song (by the beatles) but thats just the first thing that came to my mind… the person could correct all of us though

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