That’s Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man

Meat is Murder tattoo

I used to feel this way too, back when I was pregnant for the last time. But now that I’ve changed my plea to guilty, I just find myself hoping every day is like Sunday. Doesn’t make sense to you? Well, sister, I’m a poet.

… and that’s more than enough of that. Mornin’, ModBlog!

(The above tattoo is on IAM: xtruthx, and is by Simon Erl at Hope and Glory in London, England.))

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78 thoughts on “That’s Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man

  1. if thats what he wants to state more power to him. as for me, if meat is murder then im a serial killer. i do like the crossed cleavers. would have mad a great tattoo if there was a cow head and the cleavers crossed like a skull and bones.

  2. i eat cows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I saw pigs being transported this morning (probably to be slaughtered) I convinced myself they were just being taken to a nicer farm. Their snouts were slightly poking out, I’m glad I won’t be eating any of them!

  4. alright, I’ll say it…

    “yummy, yummy murder”

    may morrissey have mercy on my beef laden soul.

    other than that, I actually like it.

  5. Mary:
    No vegetarians eat fish; if the only animal flesh you consume is fish then you are, by definition, a pescatarian.

  6. 2. That idea made me giggle….

    3. I agree, not digging the font.

    10. I totally saw it! Freaky….

    Do like that tattoo even if I dont agree with the statement.

  7. I can’t believe you gave this a Big Lebowski title, and the tat had nothing to do with it.

  8. an absurd comment, Of course meat isn’t murder

    murder is an unlawful killing

    meat is animal tissue used as food

    (note firstly the two aren’t the same, rendering the statement useless from the start)

    secondly i’m guessing you aren’t being that literal so we’ll step a bit further

    if murder is an unlawful killing and meat comes from a dead animal which has to have been theoretically killed we must look as to whether the killing is unlawful… the answer is no it’s not thus meat isn’t murder.

    Now if you were to get the tattoo re-done as “meat is an unnecessary killing of an animal” then i will look at your point again from a non-vegetarian perspective. :- )

    /pedantic rant

    <3 no offence to anyone

  9. @ fathom i think what the whole meat is murder thing is trying to say that it should be unlawful killing.

    but damm its tasty tasty murder

  10. i’m waiting for the cows to rise up and fight back…those tasty bitches will only take it for so long i suspect….

  11. AND murder taste damn good to meat!!! ummmmmm cows ! my dads a butcher teehee hes a mad meat cleaving serial killer, but mirder still tastes good!

  12. It’s a bad sign that the first things I thought of when I saw this tattoo were Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein and Albert Fish.

  13. if you couldn’t kill an animal yourself then you don’t have the right to eat one.
    most people wouldn’t even be able to watch a cow get stunned, airbolted, hung upside down, throat slit and drained of blood. not to mention the skinning, gutting, decapitation and all the rest of the mutilation that goes on before you murderers get your clean cut, pre-chilled slab of meat wrapped in plastic.

    meat is bad for you, terrible for the environment and worse for the animals.

    veganism is the healthiest, happiest guilt free way to live, and until you actually try it, you cannot say that its ‘not for you’.

  14. Well, tattoo ink is murder too.. it contains animal products.
    I was NOT healthy and happy as a vegan. I was 90lbs and had to take iron, vitamin b12 and vitamin C.

  15. And if you murder a human, be sure to eat them. It makes for a better insanity defense.

    #35, I’ve never killed game and do not hunt. I HAVE butchered chickens on my grandparents farm as a youngster for dinner. Being branded a murderer for life seems a little harsh..

  16. #35, you should know that all kinds of bugs and stuff get killed in the farming process of grains and vegetables. the only truly guilt free way to live is to literally not eat anything and don’t move

  17. I am only one of two people who got that the title was from The Dude via Jeff Bridges?

    I enjoy meat.

  18. I love how anyone that lives an alternative lifestyle on here is just as quickly judged as people who are modded are judged by most of society. That’s cool. Way to support one another and prove that the community is made up of really awesome respectful individuals.

    I’m sure most of you didn’t decide at the age of 3 that you wanted to try some dead animal so I’m assuming you could technically consider the start of your meat-eating days a forced thing. So for all of you that have never tried to go vegetarian, way to live a forced lifestyle. :)

    The thing about your “tasty tasty murder” is that it’s only tasty until you take a step back and realize what you’ve been eating and how horrible it tastes/looks/smells and how horribly the animals you are eating are treated. Once you see the story from the other side it’s not so cheerful and tasty anymore.

    I enjoy this tattoo quite a lot.

  19. The other thing about “tasty tasty murder” comments is that they’re boring as hell. I feel like *I’m* being feathered and boiled alive on a malfunctioning production line reading them.
    I don’t want any of you to be vegetarian, I just want you to make witty comments that are actually witty, not a threadless slogan rip off.

  20. I have killed deer, skinned, gutted and eaten the meat. It was delicious. As for those who are using the defense of “Unless you kill something you cant eat it”, do you know how hard it is to find a cow in a downtown city? Damned near impossible.

  21. It’s currently “in” to be vegetarian or vegan, (just like asperger’s!) and it pisses me off.

    Let’s start with.. hmm.. tattoo ink/products/aftercare have probably been tested on animals, and most likely contain animal products. A vegan getting an “XVEGANX” tattoo is a hypocrite.

    My parents could have raised me vegetarian or vegan (some do), would that make it a forced lifestyle? And, at 3, you are perfectly capable of selecting foods you like and dislike.

    Yea, I know animals are killed for their meat, or tested on, and its disgusting, unfair and cruel. Me not eating meat is not going to stop it. Just like me quitting smoking probably won’t make others stop. Make meat illegal, people would still get it. People obviously like the look/taste/smell of meat or else they wouldn’t eat it!

    Anyways, to conclude, saying “mm, tasty murder” is just as stupid…

  22. #40
    Nice argument there. “It’s impossible to avoid the odd leg of an insect in my oatmeal or step on the odd ant, so I’m not going to make any effort at all”. Right. Some prefer to think that “It is better to be inconsistently humane than consistently inhumane”.

    #45, 46
    No-one is claiming that people can’t find meat delicious. That doesn’t make it “OK”. Should we be able to eat anything we want just because it’s delicious? Is that a good enough reason? Mmmm, babies ;P
    Also, as I’m sure you know, the point of people saying that you shouldn’t eat what you couldn’t kill is a protest against the fact that many people are ignorant about where their meat really comes from.
    And there is a BIG difference between shooting a wild animal and eating it & intensively farmed meat. The deer you killed at least lived its own life before you shot it. It was not raised in appalling conditions without freedom. You also need to separate people who go veg for “animal welfare” vs “animal rights”. As I understand it, the former are mainly protesting the conditions and atrocities regularly committed in intensive farms, things you would not be allowed to do to your own pets. They’re more likely to be OK if you keep your own farm, treat your animals well, give them freedom, and kill just what you need to eat, and humanely. The latter category don’t believe we should kill animals at all.

    #47 Really? It pisses you off? Would you care if people donated to charities because it was “in” to do so? Even if they began for reasons that YOU do not believe in ? Who cares? Why does it affect you? At the ed of the day, for WHATEVER reason, they are not eating meat. That is doing noone any harm, and would be seen by some as actively doing something good.
    Also, don’t be so negative. You changing your lifestyle will have an effect. First, it will affect your life and your health, and your own self respect. If you think it’s unfair, unjust and cruel, then live by your own personal ethics. Start living what you believe in. Respect yourself. It’s not by being a militant veg that you’re going to “convert” other people. Just living by your ideals, making the plunge, and being willing to talk to others about it. That alone can inspire others to follow your lead. You can make a difference. Just like smoking. One person quitting might give courage to another in the friendship group to stop (and not feel like they’re left out) and critical mass can be gained, finally making those who do smoke uncomfortable instead of the reverse. And also, smoking is addictive. Eating meat, no matter how much you love your big macs, is not.

    I’m not trying to convert anyone to be veg. I just wish there was less hating of the veg. Saying that because the odd vegan/veg kills a mosquito or gets a tattoo means that their whole life is hypocritical is just insane. All anyone can say for meat eating is that they are lazy, were brought up on and/or simply like the taste of meat. Just ask yourself- is that enough of a reason? Educate yourself. Read up about where your meat comes from. Read pro-veg and pro-meat info with a grain of salt – both have an agenda. Think for yourself and make sure that whatever you eat, you eat it not because you are uninformed, but because you have made the conscientious decision to eat it. May everyone make their own personal decision about what to eat, and respect other peoples’ freedom to do the same.

  23. #40 Plus, with the whole insects in oatmeal argument, you must realise it’s about intentional farming and/or killing of animals. The key concept being INTENT. Whether that be by killing an animal yourself, or effectively paying someone else to do it for you.

  24. Omnivore vs. herbivore argument aside, what is up with the lettering? It’s legible but seems awful playful for someone who wants to make a statement.

  25. I guess it’s supposed to look like someone has scrawled it in the blood. Using a skewer or something with that thin print! I kind of like how it’d understated :)

  26. I have these chickens that I free range. They are awfully cute walking around my yard, my dog likes to chase them around. I collect their eggs when they lay them. I look after them when they are sick, when they are threatened by predators I stay awake all night protecting them. Then, eventually when they get big enough, I stroll over and pick one up, I take him to a certain shed and I chop his head off, drop him in boiling water and then butcher him. I wrap up his flesh and take it over to my kitchen. Some goes into dinner and the rest into the freezer. Tastes better than any chicken you’ve ever bought at a store. I know that he had a good life in healthy conditions. He knew the warmth of other chickens and the light of the sun on his little beak. He wasn’t pumped full of chemicals and in addition to the grain I fed him he scratched for his own food, including some of my organic garden. He was killed swiftly and kindly by someone who cared enough to do it right. Because I raised him, not a scrap of meat will be wasted, as I know the value of his life. I keep bunny rabbits too.

    I’m a murderer in the worst kind of way…my victims trust me.

  27. Sweet tattoo though, butcher knives…had a hard time getting used to that, which makes a valid point.

  28. @ 50,55 seing the video laughed my ass of reading the story laughted my ass off

    i respect the statement bot as an ex vegitarian its healtier eating a balanced meal then ignoring a foodgroup

  29. 48. I don’t hate the vegs, I hate the ones on the street shouting “meat is murder!”. Same as I hate those that preach religion.

  30. To the last comment: you can get everything you need from a healthy and properly balanced plant based diet, surely as an ex vegetarian you’d know that?These sickly and weak veggies just arn’t eating the same way that eating any kind of shit diet will make you unwell.

    #55 Steve: thats obviously a much preferable way to obtain your meat but personally (aslong with many other vegans/vegetarians) I’m very grateful to live my life knowing that I don’t need any animals to be exploited in order for me to eat, survive and exist happily.

    I’m not sure I’d call meat murder but its definetly unnessasary (sp?) killing in my book.

  31. I’m going to laugh when all of you “tasty tasty murder” people get heart disease, the leading cause of death in the US, because you ate an unhealthy diet.

    I also think its funny when vegetarians think they’re saving animals by not eating them. Buying dairy and eggs are just as bad.

    *end rant*

    I like the tattoo and think the lettering is cool

  32. JM, i’m not saying you have to make no effort at all. i’m just stating fact. buddhist monks don’t farm because they realize that it would result in the death of insects. jain monks wear veils so that they won’t inhale bugs and sweep in front of themselves to avoid stepping on anything alive.

  33. I’m glad some fellow vego’s have gotten in on this debate.All those “tasty,tasty murder” comments seemed,to me, to be trying to upset the non-meat eaters.It seemed kind of immature,and a very playground,little bully tactic.I don’t believe everyone has to be vego,but, I definitely think everyone ought to educate themselves about what they’re eating.My parents both grew up on farms,so I have grown up going to my grandparents farm,seeing how mainly sheep are farmed,and also seeing just about every kind of domestic “food” animal get slaughered.So I’ve seen it all,in all its blood and guts glory.But at least on a farm its controlled,and as humane as possible.I’ve helped,when I was little,to chop up the meat,and my wonderful grandfather would educate us on the anatomy of the sheep.Nothing was wasted from those sheep.But,sadly,its not the case in an abboitoir (sp?)I hate the fact that humans think its ok to treat living,breathing,thinking,feeling creatures as a commodity.We love and treasure our pets,yet people are comfortable with eating an animal,justifying with excuses like, “oh,but we’re meant to eat meat”,or,”it was raised o be eaten”.More than anything,the hypocrisy and irony of things like that annoy.

    Anyway,that’s my two cents :p

  34. meat obviously isn’t murder… don’t go to jail for eating a cheeseburger…..duh…haha….and honestly who cares what we put in out bodies….everyone ask like life is sooooo precious…..when life is really pretty irrelevant….humans aren’t as amazing as most of us think we are(i think we’re all pretty pathetic), and we certainly won’t be around forever, so who really cares what we do while we’re here…..

  35. 65 – I don’t have a low stomach pH, a stomach capacity that is 60% to 70% of total volume of digestive tract, a relatively short digestive tract, a simple, short and smooth colon, a temporalis that is more highly developed than my masseter and pterygoids, short and pointed incisors, a liver that can detoxify vitamin A, and sharp claws. I am not a carnivore or even an omnivore. I’ll have a banana, just like the other apes!

  36. that’s weird….cause my teeth cut through meat just fine, and my stomach digests it fine too…..I had sushi for lunch, BBQ chicken for dinner, and just took a nice big healthy dump….but yeah, fruits and vegetables are tasty too… I don’t mind robbing the earth of those either….

  37. [email protected]
    I love when people pull out “meat is unhealthy and you’re going to die sooner”. I have no problem dying at a slightly faster rate. I’m all for vegetarians and vegans eating what they choose – you don’t want meat? Fine, more for me. It just annoys me when I don’t bitch at them for any of it, but I catch hell over a cheeseburger.

  38. 69, you don’t know what healthy digestion is if you haven’t eaten a proper diet for more than a few months. ;-)
    And carnivores have spaces in their teeth so the meat doesn’t get stuck between them. Cheetahs don’t use floss. Can you say the same about your teeth and meat?

  39. well 71….corn and celery and apple skin get caught between my teeth more often than meat does….and how do you know cheetahs don’t use floss….

  40. Just as a heads up to all the ‘well, tattoo ink contains animal products’ commenters, there is a wonderful vegan tattoo studio here in Portland, Oregon, which has churned out many gorgeous, cruelty-free pieces.

  41. Go ask one :-)
    When human food does get stuck in your teeth, it doesn’t cause as much damage as meat does. We have carbohydrate digestive enzymes in our saliva that prevent them from being stuck there indefinitely without floss. Meat stuck in our teeth for any amount of time will cause decay. (The pH in our mouths is affected by proteins and the acid produced wears down the enamel, causing decay.) Flossing incorrectly can actually damage our gums. In short, we don’t need floss either if we eat a proper diet. We ARE animals in fact, and it’s not only for other animals that we should eat properly… it’s because natural, floss-less living IS possible!

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