This Week in BME

Forever? Man … forever’s a long time. How about just for the night? No? What about the rest of the week? Not happening, eh. Fine. Forever. Whatever. Hardly seems fair, though.

(Tattoo by Jess O’Brien at Lady Luck in Keene, New Hampshire.)

Well, another week down, forever to go. What have we learned?

  • Men can grow antlers.
  • Sea monsters are sissies.
  • Eagle tattoos are so fuckin’ sweet, dude.
  • Ferg is the winner, of everything, forever.
  • BME gets involved in ridiculous lawsuits sometimes.
  • Men: In the case of emergency, your penis can be used as a flamethrower.
  • For the love of all that is holy, don’t inject your face with cooking oil.
  • Anyway, you guys know the drill: A few posts over the weekend (including a video post from Roo), and then come Monday morning, we do it all over again. Happy trails, ModBlog.

    16 thoughts on “This Week in BME

    1. Those are Bleeding Through lyrics, and I’m sure tons of other band’s lyrics too. But, BT has buttons that say that

    2. Boring? flaming weiners, color pencils in the ear, Lobster pinchers? i thought it was a pretty damn good week!

    3. candice : no, its not . Doesn´t matter if stenciled or freehand (lol..)…lines aren´t clean as they could be..not even in the near of…..

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