# Head and Needles, Nape and Lobes #

# Nape and lobes! #

Click through to put a face to the nape.

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35 thoughts on “# Head and Needles, Nape and Lobes #

  1. Wow, she’s gorgeous. I actually really like her little collection of lip rings, it suits her face really nicely!

  2. i think the only thing i would change are the size of her lips rings..maybe a smaller ones would fit better…anyway…she’s beatiful..her plugs are realy nice

  3. I love it when people comment in a holier-than-thou way when it comes to mods;
    do you guys criticize every girl walking down the street with large diameter lobe jewelry?
    I don’t see you guys posting on Beyonce’s page moaning about the size of her hoops…
    Then again ,maybe I’m just not looking.
    She looks great, and her lobes look happy. I’m impressed.

  4. no but you certainly look at some people and make a judgement in you’re head, not everyone likes the same thing

  5. acid.free – I agree, it wasn’t posted so people can dole out jewellery make-over tips. She doesn’t need them!

    The difference between seeing someone on the street and seeing a photo online is that people who would never normally shout “THAT LOOKS DAFT!” across the road to someone, will more than happily do it in a public forum.

    I suspect if Rich saw this girl on the street (if he’s into girls that is) he’d be tripping over his own feet and in an advanced state of crush.

  6. those people may not shout “THAT LOOKS DAFT”.
    But they would tell their friends their opinions.

    So lets hope she isn’t reading the comments, because she looks DAFT.

  7. I love her plugs, and the bar in her industrial is super cute! I like her eye makeup as well.

    I’m not a fan of the number/size of rings in her lip but I’m not going to say she looks stupid. It’s just not something I’d do myself.

    As for the play-piercing, it looks amazing to me.

  8. Kim: I know! her industrial is really nifty looking.

    Sure, some people can pull off a face full of metal, some look odd, and some look simply dashing. Thing is that they all look interesting, not mater how good they look on the person or how silly they look. It’s their choice to do that to their face, not your’s. Sure, I could not pull that particular look off, but I applaud babylovedoll for doing so, and doing it so well.

    acid.free: her lobes are really happy looking. Not to red and sore looking, really nice. Her plugs are funky as well!

  9. Oh for heaven’s sake. You people complain when there’s something “ordinary” on modblog like an inner lip tattoo, yet when someone who is heavily modded gets posted, all you do is complain about how it’s too much, or the jewelry’s not the right size. While the multiple lip rings may not be my personal preference, I’m not about to come on here just to tell her she “looks daft”. Let’s have a little chivalry up in hurr, you dig?

  10. Large liprings aren’t any more daft than large septum rings. It’s just what you personally prefer.
    I think they look fine.

  11. beautiful girl.

    what i don’t get is this… what is so special about “play piercings?”

    i’ve seen maybe 1 or 2 on here that were actually artistic and made excellent pictures, but for the most part these play piercings look like “hey, i like to stick shit in my skin” no shit?.. i couldn’t tell already from all the piercings and tattoos.

    so yeah. most play piercings i see look dumb and aren’t worth a photo, let alone being mod blogged. this entry should’ve been the shot of her face

  12. Tsarin – The click through wasn’t actually going to be part of the post at first. I took that photo from her IAM page to add a face to the back of the head and because I knew people would bring it up if I didn’t :)

    I’m sure you’re aware of this but ModBlog features all aspects of the body modification culture.

  13. Nice plugs.

    She’s in serious need of a bar with shorter rises for her nape though. That bugs the shit outta me.

  14. I agree with 15…everybody stop %$&@ing whining!

    I think she’s really cute and I enjoy her face. Her industrial bar looks really cool, too. Normally I don’t dig industrials, but it’s nice to see something a little different.

  15. I’ve always wondered the same thing 18. I just really haven’t found a point in play piercings especially if theyre just placed in like a row or dont make out a picture. Unless they like the feeling of needles being stuck in them. But I’m glad there was a click through of her pretty face, otherwise I would’ve been highly upset. And her skeleton hand clip is awesomeeeee !!!

  16. I usually hate seeing excessive amounts of lip piercings but it really looks nice on her. Something about them goes well with her facial features.

  17. i probably sound like an unappreciative prick. sorry for that. i love mod blog and those that contribute.

    i just wanted to express the fact that i didn’t get most play piercings.. a couple of days ago there was one i did get though.. because it obviously had a lot of thought put into it.. the colors of the needles used and the patterns of the raised skin because of the needles underneath it all worked together and contributed to the whole.. it was very aesthetically pleasing to see..

    for example. this is intersting http://news.bmezine.com/2008/11/18/around-the-world-in-70-seconds/

    a few needles under the skin.. i just don’t see whats interesting about the play piercing part. .. i mean.. mod blog doesn’t make a habit of posting trailer trash india ink tattoos.. why should they post unimaginative play piercing sessions?

  18. Tsaring – Not unappreciative at all!

    I think the thing to understand is that a lot of people don’t enjoy the experience simply because the needles are arranged in a “pretty pattern” to then be photographed – Sometimes taking a quick shot of a small or large play piercing session might just be an afterthought.

    That said, ModBlog also has a place for complex and well executed arrangements of needles – 1234 et cetera.

    So basically it’s both ends of the spectrum, which is the way it should be I reckon.

    Hi Max.

  19. Very lovely piercings and lady. :)

    I like the bug plugs. I used to wear some like that when I had smaller sized ears. :)

  20. I think her facial piercings look greatw on her, but the nape needs to come out or be downsized. There’s nothing attractive about that nape.

  21. I’ve seen her on bodymod before. She’s so pretty :) I adore the little black spikes on her nostrils and medusa too ^_^

    And for all the above who’re being moany and have nothing constructive to say, if you can’t say anything nice then don’t bother saying anything at all.
    Goodness sake.

  22. FYI she does know all the intelligent comments your all expressing

    I however have nothing negative to say about this

    Her body is her own and I can clearly see this in the picture

    body love <3

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