This Week in BME

I felt a little ashamed when I first saw the tattoo above, for three reasons actually..

1) – I can’t tattoo.
2) – I have terrible taste in shoes.
3) – I’m not as flexible as I used to be.

(Tattooo by Fabrice of Screaming Needle, Lyon, France.)

Wooowee, what a week we’ve had! It all started with some puckering, and then:

  • Jordan posted his new article focusing on the work and rise of Shawn Barber.
  • Things that should probably remain in jars until the sun stops fusioning, were released (five billion years early).
  • Clothing was finally awarded the honour it deserves.
  • A new queen ascended to the suspension throne (making a few fancy transitions along the way).
  • Jesus smiled – Sort of.
  • The Enigma had some demons excised.
  • The world got flipped, turned upside down.
  • And just in case you missed it on the last weekly recap – BME shop reopened!!

    Toodle pip for now.

    14 thoughts on “This Week in BME

    1. beware the biomechanoids

      what a lovely posterior.

      something about the soft curves of a woman just make me happy to be alive. i could spend all day staring at my fiancee’s ass and it wouldn’t be a wasted day.

    2. cuntcumber,

      the biomechanoids are creatures imagined by H.R. Giger. he went into detail about them in one of the books i have.. i tried to find what he said exactly but haven’t been successful yet, i’ve everything he’s ever put into print so it could take a while.

    3. Nice ink … never seen anything like it … not complaining about the placement of it either … sweet!!!

    4. I love the bio mechanics! i also have to say I’m loving her bum!! And the nail scratches on her bum- makes me even happier! I don’t mind imagining how she got them! =0

    5. i was hoping someone else would notice that scratches haha, but no awsome tattoo and i love her back dimples

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