Everything is Permitted

Doesn’t this photo of knifefight have a wintry, almost Russian feeling to it? Like a sexy Dostoevsky novel, where Raskolnikov seduces the unscrupulous (yet scantily clad) pawnbroker, beginning a romantic journey that teaches them both a lesson abou— uhh, never mind.

(Inverse navel piercing by Laura at Urban Ink in Toronto, Ontario, with photography by Erik Naumann.)

20 thoughts on “Everything is Permitted

  1. i have to agree with you…the background is almost grey, the neutral color of the buildings…and she looks so natural,i can’t almost notice her piercings,she looks like she was born with them.loved the pic

  2. how bizarre there is a strange lacey thing covering the boobies, surely there is some mistake!

  3. hahhaahha i really can’t think of anything written by Dostoevsky that is “sexy”.
    and doesn’t Raskolnikov bludgeon the pawnbroker?
    this girl is way too pretty to be bludgeoned.

  4. This isn’t exactly related to this picture but I thought this site would be the best place to get this question answered.

    I hear a lot of people say, at the sight of heavily modded people, something along the lines of “Good luck getting a job.”

    While I do personally love this entire way of life, it did get me thinking.
    Being younger myself, I dont personally know people with many piercings, tattoos, or other work at an age where they would be looking for careers (as in, not a highschool or college kid’s part time job at a restaurant, but a long term profession)
    So i was wondering, what jobs do you have/people you know have? And to what degree do you think your have mods affected that choice?

  5. actually, SkullFuck, the spelling “doestoevsky” is (almost) as widely accepted as “dostoyevsky.”

  6. I think the photo looks more English than Russian……cheap Paddington hotel room on a grey day

  7. I’ve also seen it spelt “Dostoievski”. A lot of Russian words, particularly names, seem to have variable spelling. Perhaps Russian doesn’t easily lend itself to translation into the Roman alphabet?

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