I’m So Excited! I’m So … Scared

When reached for comment, Zack Morris stood up from the thick leather chair in his study, walked over to the bar, poured himself a glass of Mendis, donned his silk burgundy robe, sat back down, took a sip of the brandy, summoned his hairless cat, Sir Otis von Trippenwind III, petted him gently on the head, shooed him away, picked the phone back up, and, after a deep breath, quietly forced out a throaty “… good,” and hung up promptly.

(Tattoo by Greg Davenport at Jester’s Court Tattoos in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.)

16 thoughts on “I’m So Excited! I’m So … Scared

  1. I’ve never met anyone that has owned one of the suitcase cell phones.

    such a luxury…

  2. I’m a perfectionist and I hate seeing the small errors in my collection. This is a nice example, looked like a perfect tattoo, then I notice that the bottom of the speaker on the phone doesn’t follow the vanishing point :(

  3. Truely old school is the mobile phone in the bag. THAT was cool as hell.
    this, its pretty funny to!

  4. My parents had one of the suitcase cell phones… Whenever I had to carry it around, I felt like I was holding the country’s nuclear launch capabilities in my hands.

  5. i used to have one of those old school suitcase cell phone tattoos, but now i have a blackberry storm tattoo instead

  6. that phone looks like it was drawn by… ok, i’ll hold the snark. its a cute idea i guess. if you feel that strongly about old cell phones.

  7. if it possible to fall for someone based solely on the content of their photo captions, then i fear it is occurring. dear me, i may be wrong, but with each new entry i <3 jordan more and more. *swoon*

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