Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This pleasant, summery photo from the shores of White Rock Beach in British Columbia comes from Russ Foxx, and is presented as a gift (or perhaps a taunt?) to all those who are in a climate that is currently being pummeled by winter’s dreaded hammerfists. Seems plenty warm in that photo, though. Must be nice.

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23 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. ugh. That song played five times at work today.
    Go away snow :(

    I’m in love with this picture though!!

  2. lol @ “does frostbite count as a mod?”

    Very pretty picture. I wish I lived on that side of the mountains :(

  3. amazing photo… what i would give for some warm weather right about now. screw snow and 10 degree weather.

  4. i’d love to see some creative photography with suspencion. something where not only is the suspension unique but the photo demanding of the unordinary point and shoot.

    perhaps some lighting techniques or perhaps some multi exposure or perhaps something a digital camera can’t do. anything is possible.

  5. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a recent photo, and probably wasn’t taken in December… that is Dirk suspending is it not? Well he has his whole stomach tattooed for a while now and it is clearly missing from this picture.

  6. I’m pretty sure this photo is old. Like from 07? It’s a summertime tease since that was when it was taken.

    #11 – it’s been hella warm here in Vancouver lately. I haven’t even needed to wear a jacket most days, a light flannel has been treating me just fine, day or night.

  7. actually that was taken a little over 3 years ago, and i believe it was in july or early august at the latest. It was good times though, good times indeed

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