Nose Lockdown

Septum piercing? $20. 18 mm., 1.25-lb. lock? $30. Creating a fool-proof defense against ancient Egyptians ripping out your brain through your nose? Priceless. Babasom‘s got the right idea.

(Side view, after the jump.)

21 thoughts on “Nose Lockdown

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  2. Yikes the botton picture looks painful with stretched open nostrils blah lol. The Cure for Over Eating. Now we just need it chained to a labret or a pair of snakebites!

  3. OW! I can’t imagine hanging a 1.25lb anything off my septum, even catching it briefly on the neck of my jumper is sore!

  4. haha it’s funny because his eyes are red, had to be high as fuck to do this.
    i love it hahah.

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