One of These Things is Not Like the Others …

Hey, ’tis the season for portrait photography, right? Lissaa (far left) writes in:

My friends and I decided to go get professional pictures done at Walmart, probably the biggest waste of 120 bucks ever spent, but it made for a good ass Tuesday.

And the memories will last forever, probably. Unless whatever it is that’s so disturbing dude in the lower right-hand corner savagely attacks them all.

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27 thoughts on “One of These Things is Not Like the Others …

  1. Cutest ever. @ colt, what’s wrong with her ears? They look nice and healthy. Unless you mean the fact that she has them, then im assuming you just have some mommy issues or something.

  2. Aww, such a cute picture.

    Last year I had the yucky walmart ‘portrait studio’ job and some cuties like this came in, it was too fun!

  3. Wow, That red-headed girl on the right could be my twin. I always wanted to have sex with my twin. ;) (Not biological of course that would be weird.) lol…

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