Thirteen Days

Globetrotter and international bon vivant Girl Scout sends in the above photo, with the following story:

During a trip to Cuba to celebrate my and my mother’s birthdays, we took an excursion outside of Varadero (where we were) on a day-walk through both old and new Havana City. During the walk I saw this man and forked up the peso he asked for to have my picture taken with him. Later during the walk, our tour guide explained to the group that he had lost his leg to diabetes.

13 thoughts on “Thirteen Days

  1. I would never get that pierced just because I would fear making any sort of enemy and having them get a hold of anything on my face.
    Or you know, falling down, that would be devastating too.

  2. Shit, first post and I’m hating. Sorry y’all.
    This dude is probably ridiculously bad ass, I’ll give him that. I mean, look at that tee shirt. I’d give five pesos to have my picture taken with him.

    PS I love you Modblog, really I do.

  3. To random: To each their own….the most of us who gets pierced/tattooed…w/e we DONT care what others think, we do it for ourselves…its not some other fashion trend to fallow…atleast it shouldnt be…

    But I am respecting your opinion since everyone is entitled their own.

  4. It’s not that I wouldn’t do it because I care what other’s think, I wouldn’t do it because I wouldn’t want to have someone grab a hold of the many many rings in my face and pull.
    It’s just incredibly risky, so hell, more power to him for having all these and keeping them.

  5. Random: I totally feel you on that first comment. Anyone w/ piercings knows that they are all weaknesses. Shit, I dont even remember what it is like to be able to take a shirt off without worrying about the 5 piercings in its line of fire.

    Stormy: Yeah, the ThirtiTies were certainly crazy.

  6. Just curious, did he say anything about your own mods? I imagine most people who take pics with him don’t have anything pierced (well, beyond tiny lobes) just going by averages…

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