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The holidays are fast approaching, friends, and Christmas parties (as well as other vaguely religious excuses to get embarrassingly drunk) are upon us. So remember, if you see this dinosaur at any parties this weekend, please take away his car keys. He will probably devour you whole, but you’ll meet that acidic stomach-grave knowing you were trying to do the right thing.

(Drunkysaur tattoo is on Brent, the bassist for Job For A Cowboy. “Apparently,” he says, “being on tour justifies stupid tattoos.” Damn right it does. Tattoo is by Mullet at Art Freak Tattoo in Providence, Rhode Island.)

Ah, another week has come and gone. This time:

  • Fathers and sons bonded.
  • BME Shop unveiled the “I Like My Penises Cut in Two” T-shirt, instantly winning us the Nobel Prize. (P.S. Go buy one!)
  • The lovely and gracious Kim Saigh of L.A. Ink fame sat down with us for an interview.
  • Roo posted a video exploring the seamy underbelly of … blow-darts? Sure, why not.
  • We are cold Twitterin’.
  • Don’t forget to send in your questions for David Vidra!
  • And, in a moment from the time capsule, Brian recommended The Transporter to your common Blockbuster douchebag customer, with sexy results.
  • You know the drill: We’ll make some brief appearances over the weekend and then start all over again, Monday morning, and as always, thank you for your continued support of BME. Have a good weekend, everyone.

    17 thoughts on “This Week in BME

    1. Hahaha, get it Brent! My brother (the drummer for JFAC) also got that tat, in addition to another person or 2!

      Drunken party tats, ftw. Chyeeeeah!!!

    2. A person on deviantart (justflyakite) has a series of comic strips starring 2 dinosaurs. This totally reminds me of them, but a lot more detailed.

      It is a very nicely done stupid tattoo :)

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