We All Scream

Soon after I got my Prince Albert pierced, my girlfriend came up with the idea of drinking a float through it. So after waiting a few months for me to stretch far enough to allow a straw … this happened.

Click through to de-tree, of course.

(Palm tree photo used under “Attribution” provision of Creative Commons. Photo source: http://flickr.com/photos/blmurch/90778103/.)

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28 thoughts on “We All Scream

  1. This is the first time a PA has ever been appealing to me…which just makes me wonder why :P

  2. Shelby… I agree.
    I hate them, but now I’m kinda curious.

    I wonder how that would feel… similar to going down with an icecube in one’s mouth maybe?

    Jon, are you compensating?
    it’s not the size love, it’s how you use it… ;)

  3. I have always wanted to do this with my PA. It has to be such a strange feeling to that ice cold fluid going through there. Anyone thirsty? ha

  4. Seems like all the men replying about pee-pee length must be hard 24/7.

    Shrinkage is a lie in the world of these epically erect boys!


  5. Eep! When I had my apadravya, riding a motorcycle was hell as the cold wind was funneled directly to the bits between my legs. I’d pull over and try to pee just to stave off frost bite–which I’m sure wasn’t really necessary, but it sure as shit felt like it. Either way…point of the story is…milkshake through any genital piercing = pain!

  6. you shoulda put click through to trim the bush and put a hedge or somethin :P

    when I saw this I was confused as to why a seemingly modless girl was drinking a shake infront of a small palm and why was it interesting and then I realized…

  7. Indeed. I thought that that there might be some edict that he would have to get it pierced large enough to allow straw drinking right after the initial healing time.

    I also agree that the cold through the urethra would be interesting. :D

  8. for a while there i stared at this photo tryin to find the mod… then realised it was a dickthrough. i mean, clickthrough.

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