Yes, Like a Man Dick

You know the quickest way to a man’s heart? John Joyce of Scarab Body Arts in Syracuse, New York, does. That’s right: It’s through his urethra.

This message brought to you by Hegar Sounds.

23 thoughts on “Yes, Like a Man Dick

  1. Mandic, I was really hoping it was you featured on Modblog when I saw the title in the RSS feed. Low and behold I was fooled, but I see you made a cameo none the less.

  2. This was done on the outside of her thigh. I was really excited about doing this piece, and i’m just as excited about how well it came out! Heart Cock!!! :)

  3. “But Why!!!”

    Good Question:

    The easiest and least convoluted way to break it down is:
    I’m fascinated with the idea of transmutational flesh. The idea that a man can grow a vagina on the back of his knee or a woman can grow a cock from her thigh. Flesh with endless possibility. Which leads into my issues with gender as a fixed idea.

    Add to all of this my issues with Western Culture’s obsession with chivalrous romance (that conveniently omits the vulgar and all the tribulations associated with it). Vulgarity and sex are disarticulated from “Love.” Well, fuck that noise. For me, romance, in actuality, is terribly vulgar. And I don’t look at that as a negative.

    Again. None of these completely answer the question, but I’m guessing there is more than one person in these here parts that has issues verbalizing the whys and wherefores behind every modification they’ve gotten. I don’t know. Sometimes it’s a language unto itself.

    And now I’m babbling. Fuck. I hope that wasn’t a rhetorical question. Too late.

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