Spooky Scary

Is the Ouija Board not one of the weirdest toys ever made? Regardless of its origins, the current incarnation is ostensibly for children, but it exists only to scare the bejesus out of you, right? And not even in the harmless “scary story” way — these things have tortured a few generations of people now by making them think they are literally being haunted by damned demons and such. What I’m getting at is, this cutting is well done, but since the person who got it done is obviously going to hell, I think we need another board game-related scarification piece to balance things out. I’m going to suggest Scrabble.

(Cutting by Russ Foxx at The Fall in Vancouver, British Columbia.)

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16 thoughts on “Spooky Scary

  1. Is this ridiculous?

    (hoummmmmm………. (Quit moving the thing ass. I’m not moving it you are. I’m not moving it either))


    (this game sucks.)

  2. I’m definitely more in love with it than others. I think because once it heals, some definitely sweet tattooing can go in and really oomph it up. Or he will just be constantly on his stomach during parties, je ne sais pas.

  3. bravo!
    that’s what I thought when I saw this
    I’m into the occult, and I think it’s rather clever

  4. The Eternal Hellfire tag makes this even better. Haha. Looks great, bet he’ll have people constantly poking at his back asking questions at parties.

  5. I just can’t help but think how awesome it would feel to have people playing ouija on my back!

  6. ahaha i like that.
    i got a ouija board at goodwill when i was just a tot, brought it in to school, and the teacher wanted to kick me out! kinda traumatized me.
    i do love this piece, though. i want to use it.

  7. I think its fantastic
    I think there are much worse things
    we are all going to hell for

    But honestly
    I use Ouija boards
    but mainly a hand carved one my friend made
    my only concern would be
    if they were dumb enough to
    try to use it
    I dont want to think about the possible reprocussions

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