Stones from my Enemies

“It isn’t nearly as extreme or interesting as the majority of your other pictures,” Danielle writes, “but it was my first tattoo and it took 12 hours, and I’m rather pleased with it. I’ll understand if it doesn’t count for either lack of interest, quality or lack of a decent picture — can’t hurt to try though, right?”

I think Danielle is being a bit too hard on herself!

46 thoughts on “Stones from my Enemies

  1. I REALLY like this..
    The word ‘wow’ involuntarily escaped from my mouth as the page loaded..
    Something about the delicate flowers and the dark swirls is strange.. but really interesting and nice at the same time :)

  2. silly girl.. this piece is amazing.

    bravo for doing something most excellent as your first piece. i absolutely love big powerful pieces, black ink, and women… so this picture is a modblog must!

    for some reason i like big pieces on women but not complete coverage. i guess thats because to me, the woman is always the centerpiece and everything else should just adorn her. so the open spaces of untouched skin + the interplay of simple but well executed black work does it all for me.

    absolutely beautiful

    really like the nail polish as well

  3. i think the knows it looks good chaps, that’s why she posted. me? i prefer the cheesy, hackneyed, old-fashioned small of back swirl thingies that drives you nuts when you’re pounding away on a saturday night; nothing better than dragging some slapper home, ripping off her top, flipping her over and finding one of those cuties eh lads?

  4. wow,

    I just had a rib tattoo today, about half the size of this and im looking at it thinking, ouch!

    But it is really nice tho, worth the pain I’d say

  5. Not only is 12 hours for a first tattoo hardcore, but so is doing your ribs and kidney area. Maybe it’s just me, but that area is extremely sensitive. Props to her for being able to sit through that.

    I think the reason Danielle is being so hard on herself is because of the large amount of haters on here. There’s a lot of push for “extreme” stuff, but what’s wrong with something like this? It’s not going to hurt you to look at mainstream pictures. The only thing I don’t like about this beautiful piece is that if she eventually has kids, part of it’s going to get distorted, which would be a shame. Of course, kids aren’t everyone’s thing either. :)

  6. I’m impressed that it’s a first tattoo, because it’s so bold and large.

    Aside from that though I like the tattoo itself also. Nice.

  7. very brave to get your first one on your ribs. i will have to say, my personal preference with floral tattoos is that they’re in color, but this one is very nicely done.

  8. Danielle ya doodle brain. This is an amazing piece and much better than most peoples first tattoos.

  9. Very pretty. She’s very brave for getting such a large tattoo on her ribs for her first tattoo. Ouchies. But very nicely done, and a pretty design.

  10. Phenomenal!!! If she has more pics, post them … the more beautiful women pics (with tatts) the better.

  11. Beauuuuutiful! This piece makes me itch even harder for a new tattoo! I’m glad she did send it in!

  12. it makes me think about the novel “Kushiel’s Dart”… the main carachter has a similar tattoo, but on her back.:)

  13. I wish my first tattoo looked that good!

    At least she has taken time to think about what she wants for a first tattoo, unlike most people.

    I like it :)

  14. Wow… just… wow. I have a simpler, smaller side piece and it was tough to deal with…and it was my 4th. This is absolutely stunning and nothing less. Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s amazing! wish my first was that good looking.

  15. I don’t like it. It’s awfully generic…. how many millions of girls have shitty rose tattoos?

  16. i think it’s beautiful. the design is amazing, and the shading is fucking phenominal. one of the most gorgeous and classic, yet interesting black and whites i’ve seen in a while. and i must commend the line art, it’s wonderful, i’m a line art advocate myself ;)

  17. There must be something wrong with Danielle`s mind while there is nothing wrong with her tattoo. The picture is pure beauty, where does the self lowering come from?

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